UMFK Bengals Looking To Make Roaring Statement At Nationals

Published: Apr. 20, 2022 at 9:01 PM EDT
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Fort Kent, Maine (WAGM) - The USCAA track and field Championships are back and the UMFK Bengals are looking to make a roaring statement as they prepare for the meet . We have more on the Bengal’s season so far and preparations for the April 30th Championship

Matt Dyer-”I’m excited about our team, its been a long while since we’ve had a complete season of indoor and outdoor meets with the pandemic. The past two years, we had three indoor meets two years ago, two outdoor meets last year. This year we’ve been able to have..4 meets so far, we have 2 more coming. So its been an exciting season and our team grows through the years too”.

This season the Bengals have finally regained a sense of normalcy. Coach Matt Dyer of the UMFK Track and Field team credits his athletes for the hard work and energy they put into their craft despite limited showcases of their talent.

Matt Dyer: “You know Credit to the student athletes for being able to last year, through a challenging situation, still come out, still train, still practice, and get better at their craft so that this year can be as good as possible. Its tough going months without any competition as incentive but they did a great job keeping energy up last year”.

The effort and hard work in the training have team members feeling really good.

Olivia Picard: “We’ve done a lot of training with lifting weights and we’ve gotten a lot stronger over the year, over really the past two years. So, I’m feeling really confident about that, our team is going in pretty strong during the national championship”.

And with the national championship coming up soon , Coach dyer is also thankful for his increased roster, as last time they competed in the championship, they only had 8 team members. But now they have 24, and One major focus is Health

Matt Dyer: “Were really going to start tapering down our training a little bit, try to be peaking here at the end of the season and just keep people sharp and healthy for these last couple weeks as we go into nationals”.

Oliva Picard and Ajay Thompson also spoke of what’s going to be the key for themselves to be successful at this years championship

Oliva Picard: " A thing that I need to work on is seeing the big picture, track is a team sport but its also an individual sport, you gotta put in that time to maintain your health, both mentally and physically and put in that training and hit that ultimate goal”.

Ajay Thompson: " Have my teammates, we’re really close with each other, we...encourage each other and they really push me harder. Like I said I’ve already equaled my PR of 6ft 6 inches in the high jump and I’m looking to break that record at this year’s national championships”.

Thompson also put it simply as to what the main feeling is now going forward.

Ajay Thompson: " Everyone is pretty Excited to go national championships since we missed last year and were really excited to compete.

Now its up to this Bengals team to showcase their talent to the fullest in order to add a lot more hardware to that trophy case.

Jonathon Eigenmann, Newssource Sports

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