UMPI Owls Track And Field Program Hopes To Build A Foundation Of Winning And Hard Work

Published: Apr. 21, 2022 at 7:52 PM EDT
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) - The UMPI Mens and Women’s Track Teams Season is underway as the team looks to have much success this year. Newssource 8s Jonathon Eigenmann has more on this story

Alessandro Marroquin: " The team so far.. i work their butts off, Their amazing. Everybody’s connected, we’ve really grown so far”.

Chris Smith- " This season we’ve actually had quite a bit... quite a bit of success. We’ve had number of individual records set, a lot of our returning athletes this early in the season then they did last year. We’ve actually had a number of school records set”.

Some of those athletes setting those new school records are Autumn Paul and Stephen Grierson. Paul has already broken school records in the discus and shot put including breaking her own record in the discus in the following meet while Grierson broke the records in the 1500 and 800 meter races. But the program has had its troubles in the last few years

Chris Smith- “Two years ago we had no meets whatsoever and that kinda took the heart out of the program. Last year we had but two meets, and even then we had to compete with masks on and that made it very difficult. Its hard to breathe, its just uncomfortable and it was very difficult. But what you do, what coaches are able to do, physical educators are able to do, they learn to adapt; They do what they need to do to get the end result”.

The desired end result for this year, is continued success at meets and at the NAC championships coming up later this month. And starts by doing the simple things.

Chris Smith- “Keep doing exactly what we need to do. we’re working hard, we’re improving, working on the small details and the small details when they are refined...all combine, lead to better success. We have a number of athletes..ranked in the top 10..right now in the NAC standings, in the performance standards, a few actually in the top 5″.

And While team success is important, Track and Field is more or less competed individually, relying on the preparation and mental fortitude of the athlete in order to achieve greatness.

Autumn Paul- “Keep your head up like..a lot of the times, Sometimes you’ll have an off day and that’s ok. But like you just need to keep trying and keep working on everything you can to be better and better everyday”.

Alessandro Marroquin- “I look at the greats, ill go to..I’ll look at the colleges, ill look at the Olympics, ill look at like Mondo Duplantis, ill look at..., i look at those types of guys, see what they do..and then come meet day i zone in as much as i can. (dissolves to) get early, start working out do our stuff, warm ups. For me personally i’m the leader, so i get everybody together, make sure everyone is doing their part, make sure their locked in all. Let them know its meet day”.

What matters to Coach Smith at the end of the day is that his athletes know the importance of the hard work they put into these meets this season.

Chris Smith- " Work leads to results. If they work at something properly, put the effort in, work on their skills, their going to improve. They may not finish first place, they may not score points in the meet, but their working toward the goals of improving themselves”.

This Track and Field Team hopes to build a foundation of winning and hard work as they look toward the bright

Jonathon Eigenmann, Newssource sports.

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