Houlton/GHCA Baseball Team is Complete And Ready To Compete

Published: Apr. 22, 2022 at 8:13 PM EDT
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Houlton, Maine (WAGM) - The Houlton/GHCA baseball team will look to battle for the Class C title this year. After not fielding a team last year the Shires are ready to get back onto the diamond. News source 8′s Jonathon Eigenmann says this team is ready for action.

Jim Castner-“It feels great, you know its great to be back on the field, we...worked a lot with Jon Solomon, our athletic director to get some summer programs, so we got a lot of the younger guys coming back and were able to get some other guys to come, it just feels great to be outside playing baseball”.

Garrett Harvey- “It feels good being able to play for Houlton again. Last year i played for Southern Aroostook and we went pretty far and that was a lot of fun and I’d say that kept me into the spirit of playing baseball and getting another team for Houlton”.

Last year low numbers forced the Shiretowners to the sidelines. Two of their players continued to compete as members of a cooperative team with SAHS. Head coach Jim Castner is happy to see the players back on the field and thinks his team will be one to watch this year.

Jim Castner-“I think we have a very talented pitching staff and i think we have a good lineup. I think we’re going to surprise some people; some teams might take us a little lightly for not having a team last year, but i feel like we have a strong contending team this year”.

Castner says one of the things he likes about this team is their love for baseball.

Jim Castner-“I would say it’s a passion for the sport, you have to have people that are passionate about it to lead younger people to be become passionate about sports. Just like any other thing, you have to have people lead by example and create a passion for something and then young people will pick up on that passion and they will develop it themselves”.

Silas Graham:” My dad...I grew up with him basically playing with me and i played it ever since i basically was able to walk so its always been with me basically”.

Castner also feels that when the team takes the field the Community will be there to support them.

Jim Castner- “It’s great for the community, it has somewhere for everyone to kind of meet and centralize and support the teams. We’re partnering with Greater Houlton Christian Academy this year, so it be great to have two communities coming together as one and promoting sports and promoting the kids”.

While it is still early to tell how the season will go, the players believe that the Senior leadership on the team will shine through in both the good and bad moments.

Silas Graham: “we’ve got a lot of guys who played through good and bad, know how to handle any rough patches we might come across”.

Garrett Harvey- “we’ve got good leaders; we got a lot of seniors that are good leaders and we all have been with each other for quite a long time so I think we’re going to do pretty good”.

The Key to fielding successful teams is a good feeder system.

Jim Castar- “We were able to form a relationship last summer with the little league community and continue working on that. Continuing to help younger kids learn the game of baseball and have the old high school kids become role models for those younger kids, to make them want to be just like them when they become high school baseball players”.

All that’s left now is to suit up, get up to the plate, and play ball.

Jonathon Eigenmann, Newssource sports.

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