‘Dangerous’ Road Causes Postal Service to Halt Mail Delivery for Residents

Published: May. 11, 2022 at 11:29 AM EDT
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Mail delivery has been temporarily suspended on a stretch of road in the Southern Aroostook area due to dangerous road conditions. NewsSource8′s Brian Bouchard has the story.

The phrase “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds” is a phrase that is often associated with the American postal worker. But what about potholes? That’s the question many residents of the Moro Town Line Rd here in Dyer Brook are asking.

“When I came into work last Tuesday the postmaster from Island Falls called me...”

Florence Hardy, Town Manager for Dyer Brook says that call was to let her know that the Postal Service would be temporarily suspending mail delivery to the residents of the Moro Townline Rd, as well as the municipalities that were located along that road. The reason…the condition of the road is too dangerous.

”... and she said that between the numbers of 841 and 465. I automatically went ‘Oh, that’s not my section of road’”

According to Hardy, The stretch of road in question is the responsibility of the Town of Merrill. Due to the suspension of service, Residents will have to travel to Island Falls to collect their mail.

“I have a 90 year old mother that’s bedridden, I just can’t be driving 20 miles everyday to get my mail” says Frank Schramm – Hersey Resident

“No, I’m not getting my mail either, I’ve been going over quite a bit, I even put posts out to see if people want me to grab their mail for them. I communicated with the post office to see if that was okay for me to do that because I do know that we have elders on our road” says Ashlee Ellingwood – Dyer Brook Resident

“I had a mailbox, but it got destroyed this winter. I’m about ready to put my mailbox back up, and I decided I’m going to wait” says Albert Bouchie – Merrill Resident

Though the temporary suspension of the mail delivery service for the residents of Moro Townline Rd is a huge inconvenience, they tell me it really all boils down to the fact that the road is more pothole than road.

“You have to go so slow, and if you’re in a hurry, what if you have to get to the hospital and you can’t get there in time. The ambulance service, the fire department, all the elderly that live on that road, I feel sorry for them because, is the help going to get in there when they need it?” says Fawn Sevcik – Dyer Brook Resident

“That’s the only time the road is good is when it’s frozen and theres snow on it, it’s actually smooth and you can actually drive on it the way you should drive on it” says John Sevcik – Dyer Brook Resident

WAGM reached out to the Town Manager of Merrill, Candice Nevers, who declined to be interviewed or comment on the situation, though residents said they’ve witnessed Merrill selectmen filling potholes in their stretch of road with crushed stone, which has already lead to one flat tire.

“They have filled the holes with stone, but are those stones going to come up and put out your windshield, are they going to dent your vehicles and who’s going to fix that? I’m sure the town wont.” says Fawn Sevcik.

“Somebody needs a kick in the pants is what they need because it’s ridiculous. When you solve a problem, you solve a problem and the problems not getting solved.” says Schramm.

“It’s terrible that the towns can’t get together and get a moderator in there or whatever and figure this problem out” says John Sevcik

To address resident’s concerns, the town of Dyer Brook is holding a town meeting Tuesday evening, but Hardy says it’s all in vain.

“I’ve, in the past, been reminded that it’s not our section of the road and we have no control over it.”

WAGM reached out to the United States Postal Service, and a representative wrote back saying:

“Apparently the road was in real bad shape with potholes, so bad I’m told that a local school bus had their grill fall off as a result. They were being fllled in today and normal deliveries should resume tomorrow to all of the residents. As you know, the Postal Service delivers in all kinds of weather, but the safety of our carriers is a top concern and deliveries can be curtailed if safe delivery cannot be accomplished.”

Now the postal service has said that they will be resuming mail delivery on the Moro Townline Rd however the residents said that they’ve seen this all before, and they hope the towns will take the appropriate action to make sure that this is the last time.

Brian Bouchard, NewsSource8

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