A Controlled Burn in Nashville Plantation Could Help the Future of Northern Maine’s Logging Industry

Published: May. 13, 2022 at 10:21 AM EDT
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) -A Controlled or Prescribed Burn in Nashville Plantation Could help future Northern Maine Loggers, Newssource 8′s Corey Bouchard explains

Clint Demusz - Operations forest service, seven islands land company " it helps bridge the gap between the state agency the maine forest service, seven islands, and a few other private companies”

Seven Islands Land Company, and the University of Maine System partnered with the Maine Forest Service for a controlled or Prescribed Burn as part of a forest management study.

Will Barnum - SGT - Maine Forest Service”What we’re doing is we’re providing the fire resources to manage a prescribed burn to meet certain objectives that the land owner and university system are looking for”

Dr. Neil Thompson - Applied Forest Management Program - UMFK " The Idea here is to have operational sized experiments where we can learn a lot from small plots and we have”

This Prescribed Burn is just one of many experiments being done by the University System. The goal of the experiments is to research how planted trees respond to different starting conditions such as clear cut, and wildfires. What Seven Islands and the University hopes to accomplish with the prescribed burn experiment is to replenish nutrients in the soil, as well as study the effects that earth worms have had on the soil.

Clint " As the fire burns through it removes the slash first of all and then it releases nitrogen and carbon in the soil which helps amend the soil it retains water and nutrients”

The Maine Forest Service made sure that safety on the prescribed burn site was the number one priority.

Will " We have a multitude of resources on scene, we have engines, we have some track vehicles and Maine Forest Service personnel as well as personnel from the land company as well, we have air assets on scene as well if the need arises. but basically it’s gonna be man power on the ground that will make sure that everything stays within the boundaries that we want. "

There were around 20 Personnel from the multiple agencies that controlled the prescribed burn of around 16 Acres. The Seven Islands Lands Company and University of Maine Applied Forest Management Program are excited to study the soil and see how the prescribed burn site compares to the other sites in this experiment. Corey Bouchard Newssource 8.

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