CO-OP Players Making New Friends From Another Community

Published: May. 27, 2022 at 8:07 PM EDT
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Washburn, Maine (WAGM) - The Washburn/Easton cooperative baseball team is into the final stretch of the regular season. Even though the team hasn’t had a lot of success on the field, they are focusing on the positives. Because of the cooperative team players are making new friends from another community . Rene Cloukey has the story

Brayden Boulier and Blake King are wearing a different share of blue this spring. The two Easton Freshmen are making the trip to Washburn to play and practice with the Beavers.

Brayden Boulier:” I felt that was so cool because Easton doesn’t have a baseball team so it would be awesome if I could play for Washburn.”

Blake King: ”Baseball is my sport. I love baseball I travel all over the State to play baseball and I didn’t care where I just wanted to play baseball.”

Ben Goodwin: ”These two boys are who are with us are passionate about the game. The group of kids I have form Washburn. I couldn’t ask for a better set of kids. It really worked with the camaraderie these boys bring to the team. Our players welcomed them with open arms and it has been a great mesh.”

Washburn Coach Ben Goodwin says the team has bonded over their love of the game.

Goodwin:” From first practice it just felt they had been a part of the team from day one. It was a great feeling and it is working great.”

The trip from Easton to Washburn is about a half hour drive and the Easton freshmen say distance doesn’t matter. They just want to play the sport.

King: “It didn’t bother me what the drive is I just want to play.”

This is a win win opportunity for all of the student Athletes. They are making new friends and their common bond of the love of baseball has pulled them together.

Boulier:” All the Washburn kids are super nice super funny and we have a great time at practices.”

King:” It’s been an awesome experience. The kids are awesome, the coaches are awesome. It is an overall great experience.”

Goodwin:” We are go glad we are able to do it and I am even happier that my boys are enthused about it because otherwise they are my number one concern. This is the first time we have done anything like this and without their support I don’t think it would work as well as it has.”

Easton has not had a baseball team in over 50 years and it is very special for these two student athletes to put on the uniform and take the field. Even if it isn’t for their school, they have been adopted by the Washburn players and coaches are now Beavers when they put on the uniform

Rene Cloukey, Newssource Sports

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