Aroostook Community Matters: ACAP Celebrates 50 years With Ceremonial Potato Plot Project

Published: Jun. 2, 2022 at 5:20 PM EDT
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) -Jason Parent " The potato industry and the Forest industry is the backbone of our economy in Aroostook County. In all that we do at Aroostook County Action Program we strive to help families gain greater economic independence and help them to be more self sustaining”

To celebrate 50 years of Community Action, ACAP Is partnering with Northeast Packaging Company and G.,B., and D Pelletier Farms to ceremonially plant and dedicate a field of potatoes in St. John Plantation. This field will help with food insecurity in the county as the harvest will be donated to local food pantries and community cupboards . Anne Desjardins of G.B.and D. Pelletier farms says they are happy to help with the project.

Anne Desjardins” We’re so excited, we’re representing the Aroostook County Farmers.this is what we do, we give to food pantries, we give back to the community and thats what it’s all about, it’s about families and helping eachother”

It’s not only the donation of the potatoes that about community, it’s also how they will be harvested.

Jason”The dark red new orleans potatoes that are planted here in this field will be harvested by the communty in a real grassroots community action kind of way. we are going to be inviting the community to come in, we have it tentitavely scheduled for the 16th of september, during the fort kent scarecrow festival, on the friday of the scarecrow festival where we’re gonna invite the community to help hand harvest this field, in doing so we’re gonna celebrate an aroostook county tradition that many folks grew up on and that is picking potatoes”

If you’re someone that is more artistically inclined, you can help with the project too.

Sherry Locke”as you know ACAP likes to think outside the box, in this case we are really thinking inside the bag...on our website, we will be launching a page with all of our details encouraging all county residents to submit a unique bag design that will be printed on all of these bags that will be shared across aroostook county... we’re looking for submissions from some of our youngest residents to more experienced artists. we want the community to get involved in this to really depict what farming might look like in aroostook county,what food insecurity might look like in aroostook county, or what community action might look like in aroostook county. if you are creative in any way we would encourage you to join and please share that with your friends and family”

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