A Closer Look: WOWL

Published: Jun. 9, 2022 at 5:30 PM EDT
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Recently WAGM has been bringing you special stories done by our friends at WOWL, which is Madawaska’s Student Supported Local Access television station. As the school year comes to a close, Brian Bouchard paid a visit to see how the year went for the class.

“Channel 16 or WOWL is the local access TV station and town officials in Madawaska in the late 80′s decided to give the management and responsibility of the station to the school.”

Colin Jandreau is a teacher at Madawaska Middle High School, and is also the manager of WOWL, Madawaska’s student supported local access station. Throughout the school year, the students learn the basics of filming, journalism, and production, and apply those lessons in order to provide content for the station.

“One of the important things that the students give us by being enrolled in the channel 16 class is they give us a labor force. They earn time for the class and grades for the class by filming what we call outside events, things that happen outside of class time. And that is something that student will earn a grade for and in the meantime the local access station wins because we have people sitting in community events and are able to feed that information to our community station.”

WAGM sat down with a few of the students of the class, to see what they learned over the school year.

“The usage of different angles, how to conduct interviews and how to like edit videos I guess, I’ve never been good at it before but I think I’m somewhat okay now” - Megan Collin – Junior, Madawaska High School

“It was pretty fun, We ended up doing an assortment of things. I do enjoy editing, it is quite tedious but it’s a fun part of the process” - Nicholas Fontaine – Junior, Madawaska High School

“I liked how you learned how to control a microphone, how to work a camera and how to setup a tripod. I liked working on interviews and stuff and I liked doing commercials which is what I’m doing for my finals” - Taylor Rockefeller – Junior, Madawaska High School

And as the year comes to a close, Mr. Jandreau looks to the fall, where a new group of interested students will enter the WOWL studio in Madawaska Middle High School, and will continue to provide Madawaska with local access television.

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