Madawaska Schools Get New, High-Tech Security Cameras

Published: Jun. 10, 2022 at 4:42 PM EDT
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With all of the security challenges schools are facing across the country WOWL’s Chandler Hartvigsen brings us a story about security upgrades at Madawaska Middle High School.

Security is a serious matter, and it’s do different here in Madawaska High School. Today we’re catching up with Paul Chasse and Mr. Anderson to find out more.

“So the new cameras are actually a work in progress right now, they just finished up at the elementary school last week. The one’s in this building are being installed right now.”

Mr. Paul Chasse went into more detail about the capabilities of the cameras.

“These cameras are much higher resolution. So where with the older cameras we weren’t able to capture things like license plates or faces from afar, we’re able to do now. They also have something that’s called analytics that stores physical descriptors on that person of vehicle so if you’re looking for someone going through school with a red t-shirt and blonde hair you can plug in those two descriptors, run a search and you can find it real quick”

Our high school principal, Mr. Anderson, went into detail about the importance and some of the needs for these cameras.

“They’ve helped tremendously and you can’t live without them, just from a safety perspective. We’ve had situations where we’ve needed to use the cameras to access where we were looking for students, for instance. The new cameras coming in with facial recognition, if we’re looking for someone in particular we can type in and it will locate where that student may have been so if we have somebody who’s not coming to class, we don’t know if they’ve passed out or where they’re at we can look for that student.”

So there you have it, new technology serving critical needs. For WOWL this is Chandler Hartvigsen

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