Wayne Quint talks about 60 year career in education

Published: Jun. 16, 2022 at 10:18 AM EDT
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HODGDON, Maine (WAGM) - Longtime Athletic Director Wayne Quint will be able to watch another team battle for a State title on Saturday. Quint has spent over 60 years in Education and spent over 30 years as an Atletic Director. For the past 11 seasons he has been in Hodgdon. Earlier this year the 85 year old Quint announced that he is retiring. He ends his career in the same plaace and the same school that he attended.

Wayne Quint):” . I love it here and love the school. This old part of the school building was built in 1938 and I was born in 36. I came here when I was six years old and the building was pretty new at that point. It’s in better shape now than when I can remember back then. I love it here.”

Quint has been a familiar face at games throughout his education career. Hodgdon actually gave him a special chair to watch all of the action in the gym. Quint began his teaching career in New Hampshire in 1959 before moving to Houlton. He taught English for 5 years and then became Phys Ed teacher. He then became Athletic Director for 26 years.

Quint:” You become a phys. ed teacher you do that because you love sports. I did JV Basketball for 19 years and Varsity baseball for 10 years and golf I just did because they asked me too. I am not much at that. I play, but I am not very good.”

Over the past 11 years he has been the Hawks number one fan, but at the same time while he bleeds Hawks Blue is an advocate for Student Athletes at other schools.

Quint:” Everybody needs a schedule. If you can help any team. Kids come first. You have to help everybody out.”

(Tim Watt):” We all look out for our own schools, but at times we all need to help each other. He has done a great job of mixing the two in order to help his teams, but also to help the other teams.”Over the years Quint has seen many teams captured State titles, he says that while winning the hardware is special, just watching the athletes compete win or lose is the thing he enjoys the most.

Quint:” Every team whether they win or lose. I like to have the kids play with respect remember what their school is all about and represent the school and they have so far.”

Quint said that he will enjoy time on the golf course this summer, but knows that once sport season gets here, he will still be a familiar face in the crowd. The long-time educator says he will miss the interaction with the athletes, but he feels it is time to give a younger person a chance to run the department.

Quint:” I was able to do it as long as I could. People kept asking me how long are you gong to go, and I said until I feel it is time to be done. I think it is time for a new younger person to take over.”

Seth Dorr takes over as Hodgdon’s Athletic Director.

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