Aroostook Men’s Baseball League Invites One And All To Come And Enjoy The Game of Baseball

Published: Jun. 22, 2022 at 11:29 PM EDT
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Caribou, Maine (WAGM) -The Aroostook Men’s Baseball League is back again this summer for their second Season. Players young and old continue to work hard and compete in a game that has been with them for most of their lives.

Dustin Supa: ”Baseball is unlike anything else out there and the opportunity to play as a grown up , as an adult. After playing in high school and college, and a few years after college. Its really exciting to get back out there and play hard ball”

The five team league is for players 16 and up. players spoke about what makes this league so enjoyable and unique

Dustin Supa:” I played for a few years in a league called the pine tree league back in college; right after college. It really reminds me a lot of that, the sense of community that can exist from people from all over Aroostook county. Aroostook county never really had anything like this before in the past. So its really, really a great opportunity for those who want to continue playing baseball”.

In regard to the older players, this baseball league allows them to stay active and play a sport they love.

Terry Lowry:” You know there a tendency as we get older to be more sedentary, things are so; technology these days. We don’t have as much as a need to be outside, so this is a great motivator to stay in shape and work out”.

It’s still early in the season, but the organizers are happy to have a competitive league.

Frank Nunez:” Its pretty good quality, there’s definitely some really good players in the league. Overall so far, the teams have been pretty even so its a you know there not one team that’s way better then any of the other ones. and its just like really fun, i think all of the guys really enjoy baseball and playing and we get a decent amount of community support that comes out to watch the games and that’s always nice”.

The hope is that more teams and players will want to join in the future. The key to that is getting more to know about the league.

Terry Lowry: “Very much a word of mouth, last year i started mid-season because i hadn’t heard about it, so i think as word spreads, its going to grow on its own”.

Frank Nunez:” we’re pretty active on Facebook. we’ve tried to reach into the radio a little bit, the newspaper; and then yeah like you guys coming out here and doing this today(06/22/2022) hopefully these reaches that can see about the league and get interested”.

The fact that sports bring people together is not to be underestimated and this league does just that. if there is any major takeaway from this story, its that you never have to stop playing the game you love

Jonathon Eigenmann Newssource sports.

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