Referee Camp gets more officials involved in three person officiating

Published: Jul. 1, 2022 at 10:42 AM EDT
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Houlton, Maine (WAGM) -

Julie Goupille):” It’s more than just knowing the rules. You need to know where to go on the floor. Where to stand and get the right angle. The right view of the play. Our goal was to help our officials get better at that. If they are better at it they are going to have more success.”

(Joe Porter):” We want to continue to develop and educate all of our officials, but especially some of our new officials. We focsued on three person mechanics which is different than two person. Having the newer officials work that and continue to develop that and also to get them enthusiastic about continuing to grow as officials.”

Joe Porter helped organize the event with the goal of retaining officials and allowing them to get experience to get more varsity and tournament games. All of the games were also live streamed on WHOU Live and the RSU 50 You Tube Channel. This allowed some real time feedback for the officials.

Goupille:” Go back and watch the games. We can clip certain plays and say hey you did really well here. You did this really well, maybe next time this situation comes up try moving to this position.”

Porter:” Each official is going to get an evaluation that is going to include some real time real look at what they are seeing on the floor and what it looks like and actual steps they can work on to improve.”

Goupille says that Fred Grant at WHOU has been an invaluable resource both during this event and during the regular season

Goupille:” It was something we used this past year a whole lot. I would get home from watching a game and i would take some clips and send them to my other friends on the board and say what did we do well and how we improve.”

Offcials from both Aroostook and Washington County took part in the camp. Rules Interpreters from both boards were also in attendance to give feedback and advice to all of the officials working

Porter:” Things like this that we did this weekend they benefit from. It’s not just the education they receive in the classroom, but it is working with some of our veteran officials. The comradery we had this weekend was a big deal for us so it was a successful weekend.”

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