Hit The Mud Running, Mud Run Makes A Splash At The Fair

Published: Jul. 5, 2022 at 12:13 PM EDT
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Houlton, Maine (WAGM) - The 2022 mud run is back in Houlton after several years. Many drivers came out to participate and see all their hard work culminate in the mud pit.

Jordan Violette: " I got together with the fair board and assisted them with doing the mud runs for the Houlton fair. We have trucks from all over the state and out of state that came up here where we race all over the state of Maine down in the Augusta area, Livermore, Steuben, Pinebrook mudders. Its nice to come up here and they return the favor and support the sport up here as well”.

According to Jordan Violette, the Leader of the Poor boys Mud racing team who is assisting in running the 2022 Mud Run, every track is different. This is a sport that you either win by time or by distance, with 6 classes and a mud pit spanning 175 feet in length. So how excited are these drivers for this race?

Marc Pelletier: “Were excited and happy that we can come up here and have a place to race. The more places we can race at, the more fun it is. And it brings the community together, this is a small community, and we like the small community stuff”.

Devin Smith: " I built a jeep over the last couple of years and its finally; I’m finally happy with it to put it in a mud run. I’m looking forward to just going through the mud and making the crowd happy hopefully”.

Violette says there are many different drivers participating in this mud run

Jordan Violette: " I’ve been 6 months building my truck so, were pretty serious, everyone is really competitive especially people that travel the state. Everyone’s different, its from anyone who just does it on the weekend to people who travel every weekend all over to get it done”.

When it comes to race strategy, these drivers keep it simple

Marc Pelletier: “Put it to the floor and don’t let off. You can’t be scared, if you want to win you got to play hard”

Devin Smith: “Really isn’t any key to win, you got to put in the time and hopefully your rig stays together. That’s the way it is, you go hard until it breaks and then you fix it and go again”.

When it concerns the best part of the mud run, Pelletier says its all about seeing your hard work in action.

Marc Pelletier: " Working on the trucks all week long to come out and to finally get to see all your accomplishments, whether it breaks or goes fast or what, you get to see what you worked on all week; to come out for a 30 second pass maybe, sometimes its quicker, sometimes its longer. But its all to get the adrenaline rush and the feeling of accomplishment”.

and while they were set for an action-packed day of mud racing, what can not be overlooked is all the hard work that went into putting this together.

Parker Brewer:” Were all friends that came together and went to the Houlton fair board and said we wanted a mud run. the time and the money and the time it takes to build the mud pit; We were here till midnight last night filling water and redoing the, putting the dirt in. We got Ryan wellington with the excavator and bartletts, I mean were all friends that came together to make it happen”.

Whether it was the huge crowd watching the race, Chris Putnam and his co-host doing commentary, or the roar of the engines, this mud run was a spectacular sight to see and one people hope will continue to be apart of the festivities in years to come.

Jonathon Eigenmann, news source sports

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