CO-OP Teams In Pony League Baseball Giving Kids Chances to Play

Published: Jul. 7, 2022 at 1:45 PM EDT
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Caribou, Maine (WAGM) -Its Always a good thing to get kids active and playing sports. Two Co-op Teams from the NMCRA Pony League did just that to provide kids a chance to play in the league when it wouldn’t be available to them otherwise.

Nicole King (Assistant Coach- Easton)- " Co-ops are great, we’ve been very fortunate. The high school was able to do a co-op, we took a couple of kids over to Washburn to play this year, so its really great to go back to pony league and be able to bring some of those kids back to Easton. It really helps both teams, it helps develop them, and it gets kids that want to play, a chance to play”.

Jim Desjardins (Head Coach- The Valley)- " These kids develop a bond you know playing even though they’re not from the same school. Where they get to interact with other, they get to meet each other, and start playing with each other”.

Nicole King and Jim Desjardins are coaches of the two co-op teams in the NMCRA pony league. The Easton Team is a co-op of Washburn and Easton, which was also done this year with the high school baseball team. The Valley team is a mix of communities comprising the St. John Valley. Coach Desjardins says part of the need for Co-op Teams is numbers in the county.

Jim Desjardins- " The numbers aren’t there, the populations not here, so and then you know some of these kids there’s a conflict cause their pulled by other sports you know you have summer basketball, you have summer soccer, so their being pulled in different directions. (dissolves to)You know and its just about trying to consolidate numbers so that you can always get 9 guys to show up”.

So far, the players on the teams are getting along very well.

Mason Pelletier- " its great, because they all come over and we all just play and have a fun time”.

Thomas King- " Washburn kids are just great, so fun to hang around, so nice to us like…don’t feel like, were nervous around each other”.

No matter what sport these kids might play, its important to go out and be active

Carter Desjardins- " I think it’s a good idea to get more kids wanting to play baseball in the summer, you know encourage them to play outside of school, and just throughout the whole summer its good to play a sport. If you don’t do soccer or anything, just come play baseball”.

Nicole King- " It gets them out of the house, it gets them with other teammates so that their socializing and being with their friends. It gets them to do something and looking forward to, so hopefully they can put their energy towards a sport and continue to grow as an individual. Sports are a lot more than just sports, its also developing young men and young women into who they are in the future”.

And community support has been nothing short of Spectacular

Nicole King- " They are behind them; they show up at games. All the coaches and stuff are volunteer for the most part, all of our umping, we just really have a lot of people that come together. If we put a call out and say ‘hey were short on something’, somebody in the community has come forward whether it be a glove or a bat or pay for uniforms, were really really blessed”.

It’s no Secret that Summertime is the season of development, but any player knows that whether its hitting, pitching, or fielding, everyone has a favorite

Avery Nadeau- " I love catching, it’s one of my favorite things to do. And playing shortstop and pitching, I love doing that too”.

Mason Pelletier- " I like hitting dingers into the outfield, probably not hitting home runs but, I like to play baseball too because it gets really competitive”

Isaiah Dumont- " I like catching cause I’ve been catching since…..Kindergarten”.

All that is left now is to Enjoy the Beautiful Summer Weather and Play Baseball.

Jonathon Eigenmann , News source sports.

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