NASCAR Fan stays involved in the sport

Published: Jul. 12, 2022 at 10:51 AM EDT
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) - NASCAR Fans love their racing. Many people would think that being involved with the sport would be a dream job. Rene Cloukey introduces us to someone who is involved in the sport in a different way.

Steve Doody of Washburn loves stock car racing and he is up close and personal again with a Cup Series show car. Doody came out of retirement and is back on the road driving from place to place giving race fans a chance to see Bubba Wallace’s Show car. Doody is no stranger to the show car industry.

Steve Doody:” I am happy to be back out. The reception has been positive. Everywhere you go people are excited to see the car because there aren’t many show car teams out there. They are just starting to get back into the swing of things. We have the market cornered for that.”

Doody is no stranger to the industry. This is video of his former show car that he displayed back in 2007.

Doody:” We did it from 2004 for Matt Kenseth until 2015 when he retired. This last November I am in Florida on the beach, and I got a phone call from my old boss who needed some help with a new program he was trying to put together.”

The Replica of the Bubba Wallace Talladega winning car has been touring the Country.

Doody:” McDonald’s as the vendor is high profile and Bubba Wallace as the driver. Also, we have four races we are running the paint scheme with Kurt Busch. We got two really sharp drivers and of course Michael Jordan and Denny Hamlin they expect a lot and expect people to win.”

The Display has been traveling the Country and has appeared at several tracks including Gateway near St Louis.

Doody:” World Wide Technology racetrack. The first time the Cup Guys have been there. The whole town and reception was over the top. The race sold out there were over 60 thousand that they had there. They wanted us to have the car there so people could look at the car and get pictures taken with it. Very exciting and rewarding weekend.”

Doody has spent a few days in the County for rest and relaxation and will then be back on the road with a very busy schedule.

Doody:” There’s a lot more to do. We have Pocono and onto Michigan and back to Kansas City and then we finish up at Las Vegas and the Championship race in Phoenix in the fall. We will be on the road again until November.”

He is a huge fun of NASCAR and being this up close and personal with the show car and the sport is a dream job for him. Rene Cloukey NewsSource Sports.

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