U.S. Attorney and County Native - Darcie McElwee

Published: Jul. 20, 2022 at 10:55 AM EDT
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County folks may recognize the new United States Attorney for the District of Maine. Brian Bouchard has the story.

“So I’m from Caribou, so I grew up here in Aroostook County and lived here my whole childhood”

Darcie McElwee, U.S. Attorney for the district of Maine was appointed to the position in October of 2021 after serving as Assistant U.S. Attorney for Maine since 2002, though she never forgot her county roots.

“During my formative years my dad was the district attorney and my mom was a teacher at the local high school in caribou. She hails from fort Fairfield, my dad from Houlton so I have very thick, deep county roots and I lived here until I graduated high school.”

During her senior year, McElwee participated in pageants, claiming the titles of Miss Caribou, and the Potato Blossom Queen of 1991. She then attended Bowdoin College and the University of Maine School of Law. When asked what drew her to the law profession she answered:

“Definitely my dad, so when I was probably 12 years old I went and watched him down at the Caribou Courthouse, saw him do a jury trial and thought “This is exactly what I want to do””

As a U.S. Attorney, McElwee and her office handles all federal cases involving the State of Maine.

“The primary cases that we do are firearms cases, a lot of drug cases, particularly during this opioid crisis, we do a lot of cyber crime, domestic violence cases that cross state lines, sex trafficking cases, hate crime cases”

After reminiscing on her childhood in Aroostook County, McElwee had these words of wisdom for the youth:

“If your dream doesn’t scare you, it’s not big enough and I would say don’t let anything stand in your way, figure out what makes your happy, what feeds your soul, and follow that path. It’s going to require a lot of hard work, and nothing is handed to you but I think the roots that we have growing up in Aroostook County are incredible. I don’t know anyone from Aroostook County that isn’t just a wonderful soul. And so I say hold onto those roots and let it take you where ever you want to go.”

McElwee says that despite her offices being downstate, she has never forgotten Aroostook County, and visits frequently as her mother still resides in Aroostook County. Though her role is temporary, as political appointments often are, she says she is enjoying every moment of being the U.S. Attorney for Maine.

Brian Bouchard, NewsSource8

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