Gorham area tourists takes a trip up north to visit Aroostook County

Published: Jul. 22, 2022 at 11:47 AM EDT
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WASHBURN, Maine (WAGM) - A group from York and Cumberland County are seeing what Aroostook County has to offer. NewsSource 8′s Isaac Potter caught up with the tour group at the Salmon Brook Historical Museum in Washburn.

It’s almost 300 miles from Gorham to Presque Isle. That translates into a five hour bus ride. This group didn’t let the distance deter them from making the trip north. Cindy Hazelton is the Director of Parks and Recreation in Gorham, and is an Easton native. She organized this trip to show what the Aroostook County has to offer.

Cindy Hazelton, Director of Parks and Recreation in Gorham, says “It’s certainly hard to beat Aroostook in July anywhere, it’s just very hard to beat Aroostook in July so it’s a perfect time to come. It’s just a great adventure, because I am also trying to spread the Maine wealth. It’s not just York and Cumberland county folks, there is a whole lot more Maine. So this is why we come here, for me it’s like doing a tour of my backyard as a kid.”

The trip started on Wednesday and wraps up on Friday. The group will be visiting numerous places from Fort Kent to Houlton.. Some members of the group have never been to Aroostook County and are looking forward to exploring a new place.

Debbie Stirling, Gorham resident, says “I’ve always heard about the County since I moved to Maine, and met a lot of people in my different jobs that are from the County and I was intrigued to come visit. And then our local Rec Department was offering this trip and I was excited to come.

Joyce Poulin is originally from Caribou, Maine, and was looking forward to this trip. She knows it will bring back many memories for her and would also teach her more about her roots.

Poulin explains “Well I had an open mind, and I knew I would discover a lot about my roots. And appreciate all the work that my family went through of taking care of the farm. I am the oldest of 12 children, so I know a little bit about the effort and the hard work that my family went through. So it makes me appreciate my heritage more.”

Hazelton says being back in the County is special, and she is looking forward to sharing it with other groups from the Gorham area in the future.

Hazelton explains “Well this has been the fifth time. We’ve been doing this since I think the first time we came was 2000. It takes a while, we do other things in the meantime and then this one pops back up and we do it again. So yeah we will keep doing the County tour for sure.”

This is just another way that people who grew up in this area continue to promote the Crown of Maine.

Isaac Potter, News Source 8

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