Intervention Aroostook: 6.21.2022

Intervention Aroostook
Intervention Aroostook
Published: Jul. 25, 2022 at 5:58 AM EDT
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) -Help is available for people struggling with substance use disorder and mental health challenges. Shawn Cunningham reports on that in this week’s Intervention Aroostook.

If you’re dealing with mental health hurdles, substance use can only compound that problems say local mental health pracitioners. And that’s where support comes in. Its important for the people in your life to take notice and speak up says AMHC’s Lorraine Chamberlain.

Lorraine Chamberlain AMHC

“Recognize if there’s a problem and not hide from it so when it’s in front of you say it I think it don’t think there’s a problem here I think you’re struggling remind people that you’re there for them that you love them that you will not go away”

Shawn Cunningham NO STANDUP

In addition to that she says its important to take that next step by seeking support services and resources in the community.

“Anyone who is either going through themselves or loves somebody and cares about somebody and wants to be supportive or helpful is to get information about how to do that so there’s a Lotta good places to go to in the local area for example there are peer centers for both metal health and substance use really educational and free confidential easily to access

Probably the most important aspect in working to achieve sobriety and self sufficiency is having a positive attitude.

“And and it’s encouraging when we have some people around it’s another day so let’s try something a little different or something a little smaller and then you feel like you can be really successful and really celebrate those small successes”

For more information or resources available in the county community contact amhc at amhc. org. Shawn Cunningham, NS 8.

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