The County Bluegrass Festival returns after two year hiatus

Published: Jul. 26, 2022 at 12:13 PM EDT
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FORT FAIRFIELD, Maine (WAGM) - Many gathered at the annual County Bluegrass Festival that was held this weekend in Fort Fairfield. News Source’s 8 Isaac Potter was at the event and has the story.

The 14th annual County Bluegrass Festival made its return after a two year hiatus due to COVID-19. It was a four day event that ran from July 21st through the 24th. Many bands participated in this event coming from Maine, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, and more. Stev Rogeski was one of the event organizers, and he says this festival is like one big happy family getting together.

Rogeski says “Whether you go to a Bluegrass festival here in Fort Fairfield, or whether you go to one in North Carolina, or whether you go to one in Nova Scotia, it’s the same kind of people all the time. People are very friendly, their areas where their campers are always open. You are always welcomed for people to come in and hear them singing. They always welcome the bands over to spend some time with them. It’s a very nice family atmosphere.”

Sandy Cormier, who was the MC at the event and a part of the group Band of Blistered Fingers, has taken part in the event every year. She says that she was disappointed about not having the festival the past two years due to COVID, but was thrilled when the event came back this weekend.

Cormier explains “It’s so exciting to see everybody, because it’s been three years since we have been here at Farm Park, and I am telling ya, nothing has changed. The friendliness, the atmosphere, the families, and the memories keep on going and going. Just adding from what we had from before.”

Rogeski says that having this event really helps the fans and the bands to get a good taste of what Aroostook County is all about.

He adds “The farms are here, we are growing broccoli in one set of fields, and there are potatoes in another. When people leave here they have a really good feeling for Aroostook County, and that’s what some of our customers come back year after year. Aroostook County is a very friendly area, it really fits well with Blue Grass, and the bands when they come up here are just in love with what they see up here.”

It was a beautiful weekend to take part in the event. There will be another County Bluegrass Festival coming Labor Day weekend in the County. For more information, visit

Isaac Potter, News Source 8.

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