Megan Robinson Takes her Talents To The Big E

Published: Jul. 27, 2022 at 8:06 PM EDT
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) - From Equestrian Skijoring in the Winter, to Riding her way into a Regional Equestrian Competition, Megan Robinson is looking to make her mark at the Big E in September.

“ So this is a lot more performance based. The stuff I did in the winter was just a fun activity, I wasn’t held to how well I can ride, I wasn’t held to how well my horse can show. This is more high stakes, i have to really be on the top of my game, I have to show that I know my stuff and that I can ride and that my horse knows his stuff and that we work well together”.

Megan Robinson will put her knowledge and skills to the test as she competes in the 4H Equestrian event that will take place in Massachusetts at the Eastern States Exposition or Big E. , The largest agricultural event on the eastern seaboard. she says trying out for the team in Skowhegan was a bit nerve-wracking.

Megan Robinson: " I was super nervous trying out for the team, there was a lot of preparation that went into it. I knew I was going to have to take a written test and ride to the best of my ability and perform to the best of my ability”.

While there are still a few unknowns about the event, there are a few things she knows she will be judged on.

Megan Robinson: " I will have to go in two classes for sure which are equitation, which is based on the rider’s ability to ride and their correct position and everything like that when riding and showmanship which is the ability to complete a pattern and cleanliness of your horse”.

The Horse Megan will be competing with is name Sockett, a different horse then the one she previously competed with while skijoring , but says she’s spent a lot of time preparing and building her relationship with Sockett.

Megan Robison: " I’ve been preparing to show in this event for the past three years now. They didn’t hold it last year, so i got an extra year to really bond more with my horse and things have gotten a lot better between us and I’ve learned a lot more about my horse and and we’ve come to a more of a understanding in learning how to work with each other”. I Really need to continue to work on my equitation and work on helping my horse in understanding the things I’m asking him to do”.

and being the only rider from the county, Megan has something she wants to prove.

Megan Robison: " Since I’m the only rider in the county, I have to really show that just because were from a really small county and where there’s not a ton of 4h horse groups up here, that we still try really hard and were held to the same standards as everybody else outside the country”.

The event is still a good way away but even now you can see the anticipation, the concentration, and the joy from Megan and her family as she looks to make a name for herself at the Big E this September.

Jonathon Eigenmann, Newssource sports.

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