County AG Report: Madawaska Farmer’s Market

Published: Jul. 29, 2022 at 12:30 PM EDT
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Across the state farmers markets bring local farmers and consumers face to face, strengthening bonds in the community. In this weeks County AG Report, Brian Bouchard speaks with one farm who took the initiative to fill that need in their community.

“We started our farm in 2020 which is probably the worst year that anybody could start a business, especially farming.”

Keren and Corey Morin are the owners of Freckle Farm in Saint David.

“We were immediately blown away by the community, local community and more extended community of Aroostook County coming in to support us and visiting us right on our doorstep which is where our farm is based.”

After starting their own farm, and seeing the close knit bonds of the farming community in the county, they noticed that the town of Madawaska was lacking an organized farmers market.

“We’ve seen Presque Isle’s Farmer’s Market start from the beginning and grow to what it is today and, oh my goodness it used to be what we’d bring our family to every Saturday, get our iced coffee, get our pastry, go visit the vendors, we looked forward to it every week. So when we moved here there was nothing, there was this great pavilion, but there was no market. And so over the winter I worked with a few other small business owners and we formed a farmers market association and with that we were able to just reach out to people that we knew that did crafts or baking. And I presented this idea of “This is what a farmer’s market is supposed to look like, this is what it can look like”.”

The Morins say after establishing the farmer’s market association, they were able to attract 11 other vendors join them under the pavilion in Madawaska, making their homemade goods accessible to the local community.

“The pandemic has really been a catalyst for us because people started shopping local more. To see your community support local has been huge, and I know local businesses in town have been seeing a lot more support over the last 2 to 3 years because of it. It is so important to pour back into your community, for everybody around. You can’t really blame your community for not thriving if you’re not pouring into it.”

The Morins say they hope to attract more produce vendors to the farmer’s market, as the community continues to shop and support local.

Brian Bouchard, NewsSource8

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