Two Events will be held on Loring Runway this weekend

Published: Aug. 6, 2022 at 8:21 AM EDT
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LIMESTONE, Maine (WAGM) - It’s a busy weekend on the Loring Runway. The annual Cumberland Motor Club Autcross event begins tomorrow morning as drivers showcase their skills behind the wheel.

Rich Drangmeister):” More focused on vehicle control and handling as opposed to top speed. We are more about learning to drive within your limits as fast as you can. At the end of the day, it’s time event one car on the course at a time. and whoever has the fast time wins.”

This is the Car Club’s annual trip north and this year their numbers are back up to pre covid numbers with 100 registered to take part. Drangmeister says this is the favorite track for many of the drivers

Drangmeister:” It’s such a great venue, It is so big and the runways are so wide. It is unlike any venue we run in the southern part of the state. There is so much room and the courses are so much longer than we are used to. We get a lot of people coming in from many different states and from Canada with about a dozen cars coming from Canada.”

Carter Richond of Pittsfield is making his first trip to the County

(Carter Richmond):” I have been going to Brunswick for quite a while now and I heard the courses up here were twice as long so I wanted to check it out.”

There are over 20 classes of competition and it is based on a handicap system.

Drangmeister:” A higher performance car has a lower handicap and a car that is as high performance will have a more forgiving handicap. At the end of the day the high performance can be compared to a slower less capable car to even that out and test the drivers skills.”

It’s not to to late to register, but if you are planning on testing your driving skill you will need to register early because registration closes at 7:30 am.

Drangmeister:” SUV and pick up trucks are not allowed, but any passenger car like your family daily driver or something that is modified and high performance are all welcome.”

Many of the cars that will be on the track tomorrow are just regular vehicles. This is just Richmond’s second event with this car that he recently purchased.

Richmond:” This is my daily driver and I don’t want to do much to it to make it a race car,it is still fun.”

Another event is also being held on the Loring Runway. A one mile land speed event is being held on the Loring Runway as a benefit and to raise awareness for Mission 22.

Armin Mejia:” Supporting Mission 22, they are raising awareness against veteran suicide and letting people know there are resources available. We are going to be doing a standing mile event drivers will have a mile go as fast as they like and a mile to slow down.”

Land Speed races are held annually on the Loring runday, but this event is unique they are going in a different direction on the main runway. Veterans are encougaged to register for the event at half price and there will be representatives on site to talk about Mission 22.

Mejia:” 100 percent of the entries and donations are going towards the charity. The ambassadors will be here to provide more information to anyone interested. There is also someone coming from the Veterans Affairs office who will be here.”

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