Joe Lachance Receives 2022 SCMA Legacy Award

Published: Aug. 8, 2022 at 7:05 PM EDT
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Madawaska, Maine (WAGM) - A Madawaska Man has received an award from the Southern California Motorcycle Association, Newssource 8′s Jonathon Eigenmann has more on the story.

Joe Lachance, the President, and Founder of the Madawaska Four Corners Park received the 2022 Southern California Motorcycle Association Legacy award. Lachance was honored by the SCMA for his contribution to the motorcycle lifestyle along with creating a motorcycle tourist destination in Madawaska. This is the 12th year the SCMA is giving out the award. The Awards board came to Madawaska to present this award to him. When talking about the award, Lachance says he loves the simple things when it comes to motorcycling.

Joe Lachance: " The highway and you know when get 12 lanes of cars and your right in the middle of that with a little piece of metal between your legs and your just riding, that’s memorable” (dissolves to)” Some people have the wrong notion about motorcyclists, they call them bikers, I call them motorcyclists. Because were not bad guys, we all have families we like to ride motorcycle(s), two wheels.”

The Impact Lachance has had on the community is long lasting according to Charlie Lamb, the SCMA Secretary. He says the number of lives he’s touched and impacted on his journey is vast, and when you hear the story of how he got to this point, there is much to learn.

Charlie Lamb: “Tenacity, he’s a person full of tenacity, somebody says it can’t be done, he’ll find a way to make it happen. He’s also a great recruiter, he’ll energize people to rally around a event or a project and make it come to real life, realization”.

Bob Roger: " He’s just real friendly, friendly person and he talks to all the riders that he sees. He lives not too far from here and they can hear motorcycles go by and they watch the cameras to see who comes in here, if someone does, and neither Joe or Diane is here, they will come over here and try to greet the people, so they try to speak to everyone that comes through”.

One of Lachance’s Biggest Accomplishments, according to Bob Roger, Chairman of the Best 15 US roads, apart of long-distance motorcycle riding is his development of the Four corners park. With help from several people donating and contributing to finding and building the park.

Bob Roger: " It’s a very unique park, it’s the only park that we know of that honors long-distance motorcycle riding. And I know that is on one this for Madawaska, because a lot of other people come through Madawaska that are not motorcycle riders, and other different outside sports. But they are drawn to this unique spot, because it is so different from anything else, it’s a great tourist attraction for Madawaska”.

At the Ceremony, many came up to share words of thanks, appreciation, and to present the crystal trophy, a championship ring, and an SCMA Jacket to Lachance.

Jonathon Eigenmann, newssource 8.

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