Washburn installing lights on soccer field

Published: Aug. 12, 2022 at 5:14 PM EDT
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WASHBURN, Maine (WAGM) - Soccer fans in Washburn will now be able to watch games under the lights. Construction is underway to install the poles and light the field.

(Larry Worcester): ”We were trying to figure out a way to do it and we were able to get some grant money with some of the COVID money. We were able to put some of that towards it and a good size donation from a local business. We put it together and we were able to get the lights.”

Worcester says that between grant money and local donations the installation of the lights doesn’t add any money to the budget. the lights are being placed on the field that the girls normally play on.

Worcester:” The field is in really good shape. It is flatter than our other field that has some dips in it. This one is right near the school for bathrooms and the facility so this was the logical place to put it.”

Athletic Director Ron Ericson and Worcester both say there is a buzz around the community and that the student athletes and community are looking forward to night soccer games.

(Ron Ericson):” They love to play under the lights. It is a different atmosphere. Fall at night, it is serene. The people can come out and relax. Now we are going to be able to provide that for our community.”

Worcester:” The kids are very excited the parents are excited. I think we will get people coming out to the games who don’t even have kids playing. It will be a lot of fun.”

This will allow the team to practice at night during the harvest break and will allow flexibility in the scheduling of games.

Ericson:” Trying to build excitement. I think it will help add diversity to our program and makes it more flexible when we can play.”

Worcester says it also opens up avenues for other events and uses of the field.

Worcester:” We are hoping the atmosphere Friday night lights and being able to play later. The other thing we are hoping to do is allowing the rec department to be able to use the field. Make this an multi purpose field. In the winter putting a ski trail around the field. We are trying to do other events, not just soccer, but if the town wanted to use the field for an event. Things we can do at night that we couldn’t do otherwise.”

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