RECAP: Day 3 of the Bobby Nightingale Murder Trial

Published: Aug. 18, 2022 at 8:22 AM EDT
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CARIBOU, Maine (WAGM) -The state’s case continued into the third day of the Bobby Nightingale Murder Trial. Newssource 8′s Corey Bouchard was in the courtroom today and has a recap of what happened.

Day 3 of the Bobby Nightingale Double Murder Trial got started around 9:00am when the Jury was brought in.The first witness today was Scott Duff, a detective with the Maine State Police who was a member of the TAC team that was surveilling the camp on E Plantation Road where Bobby Nightingale was arrested. Detective Duff said there was something that stood out to him “There was a male in the yard that i had seen several times, what stood out most was that he continually wore a face covering and continually had a backpack” The state pointed out this was in August of 2019, before the pandemic normalized mask wearing in everyday life. 2 other witnesses were called to the stand, Troopers Myles Carpenter and Andrew Hardy who were also members of the TAC team and were troopers that took Nightingale into custody.

Trooper Carpenter recounted that he was stationed on the “B,C” corner of the house. He explained that the House is given letters, with the “front” area being A and then going clockwise (B,C,D,etc). He said he observed someone wearing a “Striped shirt, Black Shorts, backpack, Hunting mask”

He said Nightingale started walking towards him in the woodline and Nighitingale “Saw someone recovering or uncovering something off ground” thats when the rest of the TAC team entered the property to start the search warrant. Nightingale started going back towards the camp and when he crested the hill “He stopped and started running away from the camp on a northerly direction”. When Nightingale started running, Carpenter says he and trooper Soucy got up from their position, yelled “State Police, Don’t Move” and started running to close the distance between them and Nightingale. According to Carpenter “Nightingale fell twice but was able to get up and continue running down hill, fell third time, by the time he got to his hands and knees, I was on him”.

The final witness of the morning session was Trooper David Yankowsky, a member of the evidence response team who searched the backpack that nightingale was found with. Aside from a number of toiletries found, there was also a Jimenez .380 caliber pistol, as well as a handwritten note Signed by Nightingale to attorney Jack Tebbets which reads in part “If youre reading this then I may not be able to talk to you again, I had a gun to my head when  I made the call  to the detective and you, I want to assure you it was not my .. I feel this all has to do with Joel… It was a message to not only myself, but everyone out here. It was simple he said I can do what I want and while he did not pull the trigger he sent the men who did...One drove my 4 wheeler while the car went down to my house. We eat for a few minutes and then the man said You run now, and I am running… I am still on the go and will only resurface when safe… I don’t have any numbers and wont put mu family and friends in jeopardy… yes the next day she came and got me, but knowing ii told her the truth fo what happened. All I told them was my 4 wheeler was stolen, then shots, and nothing else. I give you permission to show the Foxworthy man this page, I hope to see you again one day, be safe, Bobby Nightingale”

The judge then dismissed the jury and then the State and Defense attorneys came to an agreement about stipulations with some of what the next witness will testify about.

After the recess, Detective Gregory Roy took the stand and spoke about a number of different communications made by Nightingale through Cell Phone, Jail Phone, and Facebook Messages. Detective Roy played a Jail Phone Recording between Bobby Nightingale and an unidentified female who said “They’re saying that the gun in my bag matched up to the gun at the crime scene, I could’ve told you that” “Two Mexicans came out, took my 4 wheeler and bounced”. The state pointed out evidence that Prior to August 16th 2019, when a Bangor Daily News article stated two Mexican nationals were arrested by border patrol south of Houlton, Mr. Nightingale had no mention of Mexicans in his communications.

Detective Roy, who was the officer that took Nightingale from the camp on E. Plantation Road to the Aroostook County Jail said that during the transport process Nightingale told him “All I f***ing know is I came out of my house one day, two Mexican nationals pointed a gun at me, stole my ATV, and next thing I know im hearing gun shots and they said run”

He said, Nightingale also called him a “F***ing F****t”

During Facebook and Text Message exchanges, nightingale told multiple people he was having trouble with learning to drive the ATV because it was a standard.

The final piece of evidence was a text message exchange between Nightingale and Brooke Robinson where she said something to the effect of I love you, i wish you didnt do this and his reply was “I didn’t want to , I lost control of myself”

The Trial continues August 18th where the state is expected to rest it’s case, and the defense will begin theirs

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