Aroostook Community Matters: Youth Homeless Demonstration Program

Published: Aug. 22, 2022 at 4:41 PM EDT
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) -Homelessness can effect anyone of any age. In this weeks Aroostook Community Matters, Corey Bouchard looks at ACAP’s Youth Homeless Demonstration Program.

Amber Michaud " YHDP or Youth Homeless Demonstration program is designed to help youth from ages 12-24 so we have a broad range of youth or young adults that we are allowed to help”

Amber Michaud of the Youth Homeless Demonstration program, says the main purpose of the program is to bridge the gap between youth experiencing homelessness, and services that are avaialble to help them.

Amber " So our Main service is trying to find them housing, and being that connector between landlord and leaser to help them just kind of make those connections, make those relationships, they might have some bad history or no history at all, we’re kind of that main go to person, we also help provide case management services as needed, whether that is just a simple check in with you, showing you how to do some daily living skills if youve never been on your own before.just kind of those basic needs that sometimes those youth, young adults dont learn”

Since april of 2022 The Youth Homeless Demonstration Programs have helped over 10 young people struggling with homelessness, but Michaud knows that when the winter months return, they will likely see a spike in the interest of their program.

Amber”To make some sort of impact on the youth here, so that they know later on down the road, oh i made that connection with ACAP, I made that connection with amber or my coworker nate and say hey I need help again.

More information on the program will be on our website Corey Bouchard, NS8