Medical Monday: Primary Care Providers

Published: Aug. 25, 2022 at 2:32 PM EDT
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) -Having to explain your medical needs every time you see a new physician can be difficult and time consuming. That’s why it’s important to have a medical provider who is already familiar with your health needs. On this weeks Medical Monday with Korrin Patterson we learn the benefits of having a primary care physician.

Korrin: Dr. Brian Adrian is a Primary Care Physician at Northern Light’s Fort Fairfield Office. He says primary care providers, like himself, help patients with 3 main things: Prevention such as immunization and check ups. Health maintenance such as blood work, colonoscopy and others and treating diseases such as diabetes, cancer and referring patients to a specialist. Dr. Adrian explains more benefits of having the same primary care physician.

Dr. Brian Adrian, Primary Care Physician: The benefits of having a primary care doctor are continuity. We have, we develop a relationship, we get to know people and with that it’s easier and more complete for us to take care of folks. We’re not starting from scratch every time we see them.

Korrin: Dr. Adrian says if you’re not feeling well, sometimes it can be challenging to know who to see, whether walk in clinic, primary care or emergency care. He says, often it’s good to start with your primary care physician.

Dr. Adrian: If if an individual becomes sick, let’s say you get a cold or the flu, you stub your toe. I think the first phone call should be to your regular doctors office, to your primary care physician. We can see an awful lot in the office, that doesn’t necessarily mean a trip to the emergency department. Of course, if it’s serious we’re going to tell you to go to the emergency room, because it’s not something we can do in the office. Walk in care is a great place to go when maybe we don’t have an availability or if it’s a little bit after hours. Walk in care can take care of a lot of problems, without necessarliy having to go to the full emergency room.

Korrin: If you are new to the area and looking for a primary care physician, Dr. Adrian recommends contacting an office in your area. They can tell you who is accepting new patients and help you to establish yourself with a physician. Korrin Patterson, NewsSource 8