Fort Kent Looking To Go All The Way To States, and Win This Time

Published: Aug. 31, 2022 at 7:09 PM EDT
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Fort Kent, Maine (WAGM) - The Fort Kent Warriors Boys Soccer Team went all the way to the Class C State Championship game but were not able to bring home the trophy. This year, This team is looking to make another run and build on the success of last year to win it all.

Kalusha Kotes- Fort Kent Boys Soccer Coach: " My team i feel really good about entering the season you know, last year; compared to the numbers we had last year, we have a small group this year and i know that their going to work hard, their going to double up this year so that we can go all the way again, go all the way to states, and hopefully become state champions this year”.

The Fort Kent Warriors Boys Soccer Team is looking to make it back to the promised land this year and this time, win it all. And while last year was filled with many ups and downs as well as some changes to the overall makeup of the team, Head Coach Kalusha Kotes feels the team needs to continue to be disciplined in their game.

Kalusha Kotes- Fort Kent Boys Soccer Coach: " Being disciplined in Terms of you know disciplined in the positions that they play, the formations that we keep, and manage a game properly, if were leading, if were losing, what we do; the things we need to do to get to the place that we want at the end of 80 minutes”.

The Warriors are channeling a lot from their matchup against Waynflete in the Class C Championship game, whether it be the hard lessons they had to learn or turning their frustration from losing into a strong determination to win.

Ethan Daigle: " We scored early in that game and after that we just like lost control as a team, we stopped playing as a team, Once they scored their first goal, we got unorganized so this year its more just staying focused throughout the whole game”.

Keegan Cyr: " Yeah were definitely channeling the frustration from the loss, stuff like that....Myself, i had a lot of friends that were seniors last year, and it was tough to see them go, the way they went out, with a loss like that and i really don’t want to go out like that. And Hopefully we can make a difference”.

While Fort Kent has already had some success already to start the season, there is still much work ahead for this warriors team

Kalusha Kotes:” We need to work on Everything, cause we are not at the place that we want to be, Cause we played our first game yesterday (Tuesday, August 24th) we won but, we are just like 30% of what we want to be as a team. Were going to do, were going to work as hard as we can. I’m going to push these guys to the limits so that we can go all the way again.

And to Help to go all the way again, this team will need to continue to work on their weaknesses, but also lean onto their strengths.

Pierson Caron:” Definitely Speed, were not the tallest, we may not be the strongest but were all were fast and were scrappy and we don’t give up. So.. I mean yeah like balls down the wing, like our wingers can fly and our striker Keegan he’s super fast he’ll blow right by you. But I mean yeah, we’ve got to focus on our strong points, and i think speed is a big one of them”.

This team has their mind set on making it back to states and winning it all, and are determined to put in whatever work is necessary to winning the Class C championship, something they were so close to achieving last year. Although time will only tell if this team can do it this season.

Jonathon Eigenmann, Newssource Sports