Corn Maze Honors ACAP 50th Anniversary

Published: Sep. 2, 2022 at 4:55 PM EDT
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The new corn maze has been revealed at Goughan’s Berry Farm. This year they partnered with ACAP to celebrate, educate, and entertain.

The Maze, which celebrates ACAPs 50th anniversary, features various shapes depicting some of the programs and services ACAP Offers. It also includes an educational scavenger hunt game revolving around some of their programs. Jason Parent, President and CEO of ACAP says, it’s all about raising awareness.

“What an opportunity to really help educate the community about the programs and services that we offer, there are still people who aren’t aware of the over 40 programs that we offer at our agency and so the hope and dream was that we could have those programs and services depicted in this corn maze and also the educational games and activities that go with the corn maze.” says Parent.

“I hope that families come out and go through our maze, and they may not know much about acap and what they have to offer, but they go through and play the games and learn a little something that they might not have known before and get the help that they need .” - Kristi Goughan – Farm Manager, Goughan’s Berry Farm

Goughan says the maze will be open daily for anyone who wants to explore it, and includes a complimentary ice cream, including their newest flavor, designed by a longtime ACAP employee, called Aroostook Dream.