The Annual Aroostook Savings and Loan Viking Run Makes Its Return

Published: Sep. 5, 2022 at 7:19 PM EDT
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Caribou, Maine (WAGM) - For the first time in person since 2019, the annual Aroostook Savings and Loan Viking run was held at the Caribou high school track. An event that has been very special to the community for a long time.

A beautiful day to get outside as the annual Viking run took place Monday morning at Caribou High School. Families and friends spent the early part of their holiday watching some exciting races on the track. The event was started by Robert Cyr a former teacher and coach at caribou high school. Coach Roy Alden and his cross country team help out at the event.

Roy Alden- " It’s a team building experience for our kids and our team. It’s a way in which we go out and raise money for the ribbons and the trophies, Aroostook Savings and Loan provides the money for the T-shirts, and its a way in which we can give something back to the community, and we as a group and our athletes can demonstrate how much they have a love for the sport and a love of running and encourage young people to develop that same interest in the future”

Some of the athletes on the boys and girls’ cross-country team looked back on what got them involved in the annual Viking run, and what keeps them running

Ephraim Willey-” My brother and I really liked it and I ended up enjoying and I thought it was a really cool thing to do and just get out here and run”.

Kayley Bell- " I’ve been doing cross country since middle school, and I practice every day with my dad and my sister so that’s why I keep doing it”.

And these athletes hope the kids competing will be interested running competitively when they get older. And nurturing that interest doesn’t just depend on the Viking run

George Ferland-” We’re always at races; local races, the middle school races, encouraging the kids, just cheering them on, letting them know that there’s a lot of support behind them to continue what they’re doing. It’s really a great atmosphere and we love to see kids join it and become a part of it”.

The Event has been a part of the caribou community for years and part of what keeps people coming back is simply tradition

Roy Alden- “Like most things that happen in our communities, if something happens consistently from year to year, it becomes a tradition, it becomes something families look forward to, obviously we have lots of moms and dads who did this, that are now bringing their children here, and they can all tell family stories about taking apart of the Viking run through their years”.

And when it comes to the races themselves, the cheers and smiles from families and friends in attendance inspired and motivated these kids to give all they’ve got and run to their hearts content until they crossed the finish line .

Jonathon Eigenmann Newssource sports.