UMPI Golf Ready For What The Fall Season Will Bring

Published: Sep. 7, 2022 at 9:52 PM EDT
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) -The UMPI Men’s Golf team is lacking a lot of experience this year, but Coach Gavin Kane and his team are excited to see how they fare in the North Atlantic Conference. Newssource8s Jonathon Eigenmann has the story.

The UMPI golf team is heading into the year without two of their top 4 scorers from last year and are relatively inexperienced, but even so Coach Gavin Kane was pleased with how they did last year.

Gavin Kane: " We’ve made some significant gains last year with our club, we were much more competitive, especially against the other NAC Opponents. So, we hope to carry some of that into this 2022 season and look to improve on what we did a year ago”.

Unlike some sports where you might exercise different muscle groups or do a variety drills, there is not much variety when it comes to the physical training of golf, other than getting as much repetitions as possible.

Timothy Burns:” Golf is really just about playing it over and over really, i mean weight room does help , i mean just off the tee or things like that but really it’s just about playing, you just got to keep playing and getting reps all over the course”.

Payton Jones:” Everyday i tried to get on the range and hit as many balls as i can, so i can get my swing down and then for me putting was kind of a big issue last year so most of the time I tried to stay around the putting green”.

Another major component to keep in mind is the amount of mental strength needed to compete at a high level in the sport of golf

Gavin Kane: " There’s a huge mental aspect to it as well as you know your ability and your golf technique. So, one of the things i like to emphasize with our guys is that mental approach to the game, always trying to keep yourself under control, not trying to do too much on the golf course, just stay within yourself. I think those aspects are really important

These athletes will compete individually when their matches come around but there are times they can rely on each other and help each other improve.

Timothy Burns: " Really at practice, i mean you know when we play with each other when we play with each other , we tell each other good shot , or what we think we see, or what we can work on, really things like that, i mean your right it is individual but when we have support you know i think we can play pretty well”.

So, with everything mentioned so far one question might be what could this team excel at this year?

Payton Jones: “Being a lot better than last year, last year we set a record; the lowest score that Umpi hasn’t set in like 10 years so, i think this year we can beat it again.

This golf team is far from being the top team in the NAC now, but a little more experience and some work on the short game and we could see a dominant force on the fairway for the Owls.

Jonathon Eigenmann, Newssource sports.