UMPI Women’s Volleyball Have Unfinished Business In The NAC

Published: Sep. 9, 2022 at 1:27 PM EDT
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) - While not getting the start they wanted this season in the ENU Invitational , The UMPI Volleyball Team still feels confident that they have what it takes to have a great year.

Hailey Kelly-” So far in the season I think we have a lot of new recruits and i think their doing very well so far so I’m pretty excited to see where we go; I’m pretty confident in our ability and I think we’re going to do good”.

The UMPI Women’s Volleyball team is looking to rebound from their first tournament of the season and turn this season into a great one for this program. They know that hard work in practice will prepare them to get to the next level

Makayla Miskiewicz- " To do game like situations, because you can do drills all you want but if you’re not put into a game situation then you’re not really going to see if that stuff translates over”.

Amalia Erives- " the physical aspect of it but there’s also like a mental aspect but there’s also like emotional and making sure that you are kind of like well-rounded in all those areas; like making sure your you know staying up to date or good with your volleyball skills but also like making sure that your mental health is also a priority and also making sure academics is going well too”.

When it comes to volleyball there is one skill that is really important to have is situational awareness.

Makayla Miskiewicz- " You have to know how to talk to each individual on the team, not everyone is going to respond to the same type of constructive criticism like some people need to be yelled at, some people don’t do well with that, so it’s being aware of how the team; what each individual person needs but also how the team is doing in the game based on how you cheer them on or if you need to push them further or stuff like that”.

This team also needs to make sure they bolster what they need to do better to be able to win the conference.

Amalia Erives- " communicating more as a team like making sure were staying consistent Because, I feel like we sometimes like talk a lot but sometimes we like don’t talk that much and that really like affects how we play. Like in our games when we’re talking a lot, you see like the communication, the hype, like everything is just like up here. And then once we like stop talking and get quiet, we start making mistakes or start making faces or body language changes in general”.

and in terms of the biggest challenge this team will end up facing this year, Coach Jonathon Bowman had this to say

Jonathon Bowman- " We have unfinished business, so we want to win the conference, that’s been our goal, that’s been my goal since I started, so that’s what we have to work towards and it’s at the end of the season so we have lots of time to work on it”.

There is still plenty of time this season for the UMPI Owls to make a run and spirits are still very much high on this team, but it will be up to this team how well they play in future tournaments that will be the determining factor whether this season turns into one to remember or one to quickly put behind them.

Jonathon Eigenmann, Newssource Sports.