Plans Underway To Expand Halfway Home Pet Rescue

Published: Sep. 11, 2022 at 10:49 AM EDT
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Caribou, Maine (WAGM) - For years, Halfway Home Pet Rescue President and Founder Norma Milton and a team of volunteers have given cats and some dogs a second chance at life, rescuing them, providing medical care and placing them in loving forever homes. They’ve also helped keep the population of feral cats and their offspring down through their trap and neuter program. Now there’s a new long-term initiative underway to move and expand their assistance even further. News Source 8′s Sherry Karabin has the details.

On the outside it may look like an abandoned warehouse, but it’s actually one of three locations utilized by Halfway Home Pet Rescue in Caribou. And if things go according to plan in a few years it will house all their operations. It’s all part of an initiative spearheaded by volunteer and project manager Kent Coston to centralize and expand services for rescues and cat owners in Aroostook County.

Kent Coston, Volunteer & Project Manager, Halfway Home Pet Rescue

“The final goal of the project is to be able to have everything under one roof and to be able to support all of Aroostook County with low-cost medical, taking care of even the feral cats.”

Standup - Sherry Karabin Reporting

The facility is currently used to house feral cats and to store food and other supplies that are given away to low-income pet parents.”

Kent Coston

“We’ll have a full food pantry for the cats and dogs that will be available for people when we get this whole facility set up.”

And that’s far from all that’s on the agenda. The nonprofit currently holds four spay-and-neuter clinics that also provide general veterinary services each year at the Wellness and Recreation Center in Caribou. By eliminating rental costs, it hopes to expand the opportunities for residents to get low- or no-cost care.

Christina Kane-Gibson, Volunteer & Board member, Halfway Home Pet Rescue

“I think it’s pretty clear that the vets in Aroostook County are working hard to capacity, but there are so many new people moving into the area, new pets coming in, emergency services a lot of times people have to drive their pets down to Brewer so if we can have a place centrally located in Aroostook County to serve people, I think it would definitely help pets and pet parents alike.”

The changes won’t happen overnight. In fact right now Coston is estimating the project will take five years to complete. In the meantime, those at the organization will be in fundraising mode to make their new vision a reality. In Caribou this is Sherry Karabin reporting for News Source 8.