Medical Monday- Overactive Bladder

Published: Sep. 13, 2022 at 2:02 PM EDT
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) - Overactive bladder is a common condition that can affect up to 16 percent of the population. In this week’s Medical Monday, Corey Bouchard takes a look at options available if you do have this condition.

Melissa Badahman - Family Nurse Practitioner " Overactive Bladder is actually a pretty common problem that men and women can have...Overactive Bladder is described as a sense or urgency so you have a sudden urge to urinate”

According to Melissa Badahman a Family Nurse Practitioner in the Urology Department at Ar. Gould. Overactive Bladder can affect both men and women of any age and aside from a sense of urgency, there are some other symptoms that you can have, but it is not necessary for a diagnosis.

Melissa” symptoms which could include getting up at night to pee and frequency during the day as well”

Treatment options for overactive bladder can vary widely but doctors will usually start with the least invasive option.

Melissa “Things would be getting your diabetes under control and losing losing weight, those things can help”

If Lifestyle changes alone don’t solve the issue the next step Badahman says are prescriptions.

Melissa” Typically the first line is antipoliargic medications that’s your trospium, oxybutynin, toviaz, Ditropan "

There are other treatment options besides medications such as Posterior tibial nerve stimulation

Melissa " They use what’s similar to an acupuncture needle and put it just above the ankle bone and stimulate the tibial nerve and with that treatment which includes a 30 minute treatment once a week for 12 weeks we can see improvement in urgency”

If you think you have overactive bladder or have any questions about treatment options, Badahman says you should contact your primary care physician. Corey Bouchard, NS8