Aroostook Community Matters- ACAP’s Covid Support program

Published: Sep. 16, 2022 at 10:48 AM EDT
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) - When someone ends up testing positive for COVID, it can cause a lot of stress.. For this week’s Community Matters, News Source 8′s reporter Isaac Potter tells us about ACAP and their COVID Support Program.

ACAP’s COVID Support Program works in connection with Maine DHHS to provide support to Aroostook County families and individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 and may need assistance during their Isolation period.

Kim Guerrette Michaud, Community Educator/Engagement and Events, says “At ACAP one of the primary things we are doing is grocery shopping and at one point we were also providing tests. Now you can get it free online through so we would recommend people using that. What happens is a referral goes to the state of Maine, they refer out to whichever county the individual or family is living in. And then we will contact and find out what they do need. We are also doing meters to test breathing which is very important.”

Guerrette Michaud says that they have recently seen some new changes to the CDC.

Kim Guerrette Michaud: “When somebody tests positive for COVID, they do need to isolate for five days. After five days if there is no longer a fever or there is not severe symptoms. They are able to go back out into public, but a well fitting mask for an additional five days. So we are finding to only provide service for those original five days, unless somebody runs into a little bit more serious.”

While the program has been adjusting to the CDC guidelines, the amount of people using the service has also decreased.

Kim Guerrette Michaud: “It has decreased greatly. Through the winter months and prior to that hundreds, we were doing hundreds in a week. And that number has cut down greatly, it has edges and flows of course as the numbers increase or decrease in the County, but the number has definitely decreased but the need is still very valid and still there.”

Even though few people are utilizing the service it is still beneficial to those looking for help

Kim Guerrette Michaud: “They are very thankful, they are grateful. A lot of people didn’t realize that this was available until they started doing some search at It will take you to the COVID services, vaccine services, vaccine locations, so when they do the referrals. For when they can do a self referral or maybe go through another agency a referral. And we talk with them, and you can almost hear them relax. Like oh I didn’t know this was out there.”

If you are in need of these services, Guerrette Michaud says to call ACAP’s line directly or, and search for a COVID referral form. She says it will ask you to fill out some basic simple questions and ACAP will call you back and talk with you.

Isaac Potter, News Source 8.