County AG Report - Apple Season

Published: Sep. 16, 2022 at 5:29 PM EDT
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It’s apple picking season once again at the MSAD 1 Educational Farm, and it’s also the subject of this week’s County Ag Report. Brian Bouchard has the story.

“Local is always best, it’s fresh, you know where it came from”

John Hoffses is Farm Manager for the MSAD 1 Educational Farm in Presque Isle. He says all the rain we’ve gotten this summer, was perfect for apples.

“The apple growing season went well, we had moisture at the right time, and this is actually an on year for us as you can see we have a lot of apples on the trees, so we will sacrifice a little bit of size this year because of that.”

Because the Educational Farm is primarily staffed by students, they aren’t around for much of the growing season.

“Obviously they’re not there, but in the fall when they come back to school we’re getting into the apple picking, they’ll come up and learn how to pick apples the correct way without bruising them, they’ll be able to follow that apple, so the following day after they pick, we’ll go through those apples and inspect them, do they have fingerprints, things like that.”

Hoffses says the real magic happens after they’re picked.

“From there we sort them out and they get bagged up or boxed up and go out to local grocery stores or schools, into the lunches, you name it”

The Educational farm also allows people to pick their own apples for those who prefer a more hands on approach. And in the spirit of following an apple from farm to table, County Ag will be back at the Educational Farm next week.

“We’ll be looking at the Apple Cider production, so we’ll be able to take apples, you’ll follow us through the cider facility and see what it takes to make cider.”

Brian Bouchard, NewsSource8