Loring Air Museum Staff Named “Honorary Dedicated Crew Chiefs” of B-52

Published: Sep. 16, 2022 at 6:33 PM EDT
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LORING, Maine (WAGM) -

Last Month, the former Loring Airforce Base welcomed the first B52 to land there in nearly 3 decades which was a surprise to some, but now the crew has an even bigger surprise. Brian Bouchard has the story.

While many were excited to see the first B52 to land at the former Loring Airforce base in nearly 30 years, the flight crew that manned the buff were just as excited to share the experience with the residents of Aroostook county. Senior Master Sergeant Jarod Feller, who was Crew Chief of the Bomber that visited Loring says he couldn’t have had a warmer welcome.

“I tell you what, it was great. I’ve been to a lot of airshows and it was incredible. A small town feel with a rockstar welcome I guess. It was really good, I like that” says Feller.

“When the aircraft was on display and the gates were open, the 5 man aircrew were on that plane the whole time answering questions, talking to the public, they had a man on top for anyone to ask questions when they were in the cockpit. We did our best, as the museum to make sure that anything they needed, and it was in our power, they had” - Matt Cole – Vice President, Loring Air Museum

Feller recalls some of the many stories told to him throughout that weekend by those who served at Loring.

“How they used to do maintenance and how they used to fly and the reason that Loring was up there, being always ready and being so close to adversaries I guess. It was kind of cool listening to those stories, and how at a moments notice they could high tail it and take care of business if they had to. Those stick with me a lot. And of course the younger ones coming up, and they’d never seen a B52, and getting my picture taken with them, that was pretty cool. Every story was great, it was incredible”

This week, the crew had one more surprise for the folks at the Loring Air Museum.

“Well it was Tuesday morning, I was sitting here at my desk, and my phone beeped and I looked at it. “Matt, Jarod Feller the Crew Chief for the 0045 (The B52) sent us this today, looks like she got some new crew chiefs”” says Cole.

The Crew of the B52 that landed at Loring had dedicated Cole, “Cuppy” Johndro, and the Staff of the Loring Air Museum as Honorary Crew Chief’s of the plane, emblazing their names on the side.

“Mr. Cole, Mrs. Johndro and the whole staff, they earned that, In my eyes, and I know there are plenty of other people who agree and, we were trying to keep it quiet for a little bit, but I’m glad they were able to see it.” says Feller.

“I sat here, totally speechless, didn’t know what to say, and I called Cuppy immediately, she opens up the photo and speechless, she immediately broke into tears, and we couldn’t believe it” says Cole.

“I’m just appreciative of all the great people we got to meet. The memory’s not dead you know what I mean, I hope they can realize that we still value them” says Feller.

Feller says he hopes to revisit Aroostook county again someday.

Brian Bouchard, NewsSource8