Aroostook Community Matters- ACAP’s Mobile Home Replacement Project

Published: Sep. 29, 2022 at 7:46 PM EDT
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) - A local family recently had their mobile home replaced thanks to ACAP’s Mobile Home Replacement program. It’s this week’s Aroostook Community Matters with News Source 8′s Isaac Potter.

Roger and Shirly Smith recently had their 1970′s mobile home upgraded to a new, energy efficient mobile home as part of ACAP’s Mobile Home Replacement program.

Shannon Hill, Energy and Housing Coordinator at ACAP, says “It gives this individual to step up, and get into a home that is more energy efficient, something that they can live in for the rest of their life. And not have to worry about those initial upkeeps like having to replace a roof, window, or furnace.”

The Smith family reached out to Hill for assistance in getting their roof replaced. After inspecting the property, they discovered the property did not meet the standards for the roof replacement. The Smith’s and Hill got together to talk about some programs to help fix the problem.

Shannon Hill: “We discussed with the Smiths some possible other programs that we have here at ACAP that we can assist them with. Not only to replace the roof, but hey lets have this conversation about replacing the home. Seeing the need we had the conversation and I was telling them about I can provide up to $30,000 dollars to go towards this mobile home replacement if they are able to secure the rest of the finances. And unfortunately not everybody in that position is able to do that, but the Smith’s have worked their whole life, they have paid their bills, and they had credit that the bank recognized and approved of. And with our $30,000, that gives that extra, almost instant equity into the home.

After going through the application and approval phase with the agency and the Smith’s bank, the process got pushed out due to things like covid, shortage in staff, building materials and supply chains.

Shannon Hill: “By the time we got all of our ducks in the row, and we were able to give the mobile home vendor the green light. We had gotten close to the winter months again. So we opted to wait until spring, so that’s what happened and so Spring came and the snow disappeared. The vendor came up, and got the foundation, laid all the groundwork. We were lucky enough with this project there was already an existing septic and well, so that also helped in keeping the cost down for this family. We got everything in order, and the home was delivered, and set up, and the family is now living in a brand new home.”

On September 21st, there was a housewarming to show off the new home in Crystal. Hill says the process was stressful, but rewarding.

Shannon Hill: “To see the look on their face when they see their new home, coming down the road for the first time. The first time they get to put the key in the door, and go in and look around, and start thinking how they are going to decorate, whose room is room is whose. You stand back and it’s like wow you helped do this, and it’s so satisfying.”

To learn more about the Mobile Home Replacement program, contact ACAP for more information. Isaac Potter News Source 8.