Houlton Hosts 1st Annual Fall Fine Arts & Crafts Fair

Published: Oct. 4, 2022 at 1:44 PM EDT
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Houlton, Maine (WAGM) - The John A. Millar Civic Center in Houlton hosted the first annual fall fine arts and crafts fair on Saturday, attracting visitors from the county and other nearby communities. NewsSource 8′s Sherry Karabin was there.

”Kristen Wells, “We love seeing crafts and art. I brought the kids and they love to walk around and see what people are making. We tend to be pretty crafty and creative at home too so we’re inspired.”

Chris Horch, “I came out to support my daughter who is a vendor here and I also came to look at the wonderful art and crafts from the local area.”

Their reasons for coming may vary, but organizers of the first annual Fall Fine Arts & Crafts Fair in Houlton say patrons who attended Saturday’s event at the John A. Millar Civic Center certainly had plenty to choose from...

Haley Nickerson, “There’s fine art, paintings, collectibles, woodworking, metalworking, there’s a really wide variety.”

In fact, there were approximately 17 vendors at the show, including this woman who had many unique items up for sale.

Tessa Flannery, “We own alpacas and sheep’s and we do a whole line of fiber products, drier balls and socks and hats and shawls and scarves. We make felting kits. You can make your own little animals, kits for spinning we make yarn which we hand dye and spin as well as some artistic work from our farm artists, including these awesome Christmas spiders.”

For this vendor, who was selling collectibles, it was a great way for her to take stock of what she has and free up some space at the same time.

Dorothy Grandinetti, “All of this are things that my husband and I collected over a 20-year period and the house we live in now is too small. So I have all of my blue and white things from our past kitchen here for sale.”

Tessa Wells, “What’s your favorite thing that you saw today? I’d say it would probably be the Grinch Gnomes because they’re really funny.

Standup - Sherry Karabin Reporting

“While it’s the first time this fair has taken place, it’s scheduling wasn’t an accident. In fact, it’s part of Maine craft weekend”.

Hailey Nickerson, “There are events like this throughout the state, a lot of them in southern Maine but we were happy to bring it north and have something here in Aroostook County.

As for the turnout, let’s just say organizers are pleased and that means anyone who couldn’t make this event will get another chance next year. In Houlton, this is Sherry Karabin reporting for NewsSource 8.