Fort Kent Wearing Orange In Support Of Cancer Awareness Month

Published: Oct. 7, 2022 at 2:42 PM EDT
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Fort Kent, Maine (WAGM) - For the past few nights, The Fort Kent Boys and Girls soccer teams have been wearing a new color in support of a good cause

The warriors were wearing orange jerseys with Leukemia warrior on the front with their numbers on the back. It’s all for cancer awareness month and the warriors have been doing these a couple nights a year for the past several years. Donation buckets would go around during halftime with all the money going to the Edgar J. Paradis cancer fund. These warrior teams and their coaches recognize that this is bigger then the game and are thankful for the community support they have behind them.

Kalusha Kotes: " Someone can lose a loved one through this you know someone can lose a friend, whatever/whoever the person is and that’s where we feel like this awareness is way bigger then the game. And we want to show that we sympathize with people going through this situation, we sympathize with family that our members that are facing these difficult times and we just want (them) to know that hey, its not only about soccer tonight”.

Doug Cyr: " Community support for the event is certainly great, this is a great community, even the visiting teams that come, you know they understand the cause, they understand the need and certainly digging deep into their pockets is something everybody; you know it hits home, so they know that its going to a family or a loved one that could be on our team. So, everybody in the community is certainly gracious and does a good job at supporting both the team and the cause”.

A total of 750 dollars was raised and Kris Malmborg from the Edgar J. Paradis foundation was there to receive the money on the organization’s behalf.