Harvest break schools are full steam ahead

Published: Oct. 14, 2022 at 3:36 PM EDT
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EASTON, Maine (WAGM) - It’s full steam ahead for all the County soccer teams. Now that the harvest break is over all the teams are now back on the field. Easton coach Ryan Shaw is a veteran coach who has been roaming the sidelines for 23 years including almost 20 with the Bears. He has seen the challenges of teams returning from the harvest break and returning to game shape.

Ryan Shaw:” Without having that game it is tough. We got the lights a few years ago and that certainly helps. We get them here and it fun to play under the lights. That keeps them focused. Our eyes are always on the standings and checking out what teams downstate are doing and some of the teams that play through harvest up here are doing. It helps us keep our focus a little bit.”

Easton is a farming community and that means that that a large portion of the players are involved in the potato harvest

Shaw:” They are exhausted, we went 7:30 to 9 every night. Some of them are a few minutes late just because they have been working since 7 in the morning. That is tough and it takes a commitment. They want to win at the end of the year. We know we have to do that if we are going to be successful.”

The Bears went almost three weeks between games they played their first game this past Tuesday and are in the middle of busy stretch to end the year. Shaw said the key is for the players to get their legs back and get into post season shape

Shaw:” Four games in seven days and that is tough. It is all about keeping the legs. If you condition in this stuff, it is a lot different than conditioning in August, when the air is nice and thin. You get into this think air, it is quite a big shock to the system if you haven’t been working out.”

The Bears are a young team with just one senior on the squad. The veteran coach says the shares the same message with his team heading into every harvest break. that message is that several teams below them will pass them in the standings while they are idle.

Shaw:” We were up 1,2,3,4 early in the year. We know once the other teams start playing, we are going to fall like a rock. You just have to focus with what you can do. During harvest you just have to work on getting better and working on your skills every day. When you come back you can come back and get some wins and get back on top of the standings.”