Houlton/GHCA Wears Pink For ‘Defend The Cure’ Cancer Awareness Night Monday

Published: Oct. 19, 2022 at 3:24 PM EDT
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Houlton, Maine (WAGM) - The Houlton/ghca Boys and Girls soccer teams donned a different color in support of cancer awareness month Monday

The Shires wore Pink Jerseys in support of their Defend the Cure Cancer Awareness night. All proceeds from the night went toward the Bridge to Hope, an organization that is near and dear to the Houlton community’s heart. Other than the games, there was a table full of items families, and friends put together that community members could win in a drawing done at the girls halftime. These coaches and community members recognize how important Bridge to Hope is to helping those in need and brings closer together an already tight-knit community.

Jennifer Johnston-”It affects everyone, There isn’t anybody that i don’t know that doesn’t have a friend or a family member that is affected by cancer; And it’s not just breast cancer, it’s any type of cancer. And this organization helps with whether its a gas card or whether its just a encouraging card in the mail to lift someone’s spirit. They’re always there, asking what they can do, and so that makes our kids feel like, they want to do just as much”.

Mariana Cameron:” it was all over Facebook today, we had flyers shared, and i mean there are people at this game that have probably not come to a game all season and don’t have a reason to be here necessarily but they come and they support the kids in the community and they supporting this cause, and its just great to see all these people around here and like she said the energy’s high, people are excited to be here, the players are excited”.

Kerry Skepple:” Sports is basically one of those things that brings a community together. so i think its also a good medium to sensitize a community about issues that were facing and i think cancer is one of them that they really take worldwide”.

The goal for this year was 2,022 dollars that matched up with the year 2022, and once again the shires went way above the goal set by bridge to hope in raising 3,000 dollars for the organization.