UMPI Community remembers Aaron Marston

Published: Oct. 21, 2022 at 11:00 AM EDT
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) - It’s a very sad day on the University of Maine Presque isle Campus. Women’s soccer coach and Associate Professor of Exercise Science Aaron Marston passed away unexpectedly Wednesday evening. UMPI President Ray Rice says that Marston was a beloved member of the campus community and many people are feeling the loss.

Ray Rice:” We are providing support for the students and for any of the faculty and staff as well who are involved. Everyone is really pulling together to provide all the individuals they need.”

Marston began working with the women’s soccer team in 2018. Athletic director Dan Kane has met with the team several times over the last 24 hours to check in with them and also to talk to them, to get their thoughts on the rest of the season.

(Dan Kane):” We have met with our women’s players, and they would like to continue the season and play in Coach Marston’s honor. We will not be playing this weekend and we have cancelled the games, but we are still planning on competing in the playoffs.”

Kane said that the North Atlantic Conference and the schools in the conference have offered their support to the Owls. Men’s soccer coach Alan Gordon knew Marston for over 30 years. Marston was a member of the Owls soccer team from 1993 to 1997. Gordan said that since Marston took over as the Women’s soccer coach they would spend time together talking strategy and the x’s and o’s

(Alan Gordon):” Talking to his team this afternoon about that. He and I spent a lot of time breaking down the game and talking about what would be best for formations for his team this year and my team. Those times are very special to me,and I am going to miss them.”

Marston was very involved in Exercise Science and Athletic Training. Before moving back to Maine, he worked with professional athletes in Florida and then when he moved to Presque Isle opened Next Level Training. He began teaching at UMPI back in 2014 and was an Associate Professor of Exercise Science.

(Barb Blackstone):” His impact will be far reaching for many generations. He was so good at his craft of Athletic Training and Exercise Science.”

Rice:” Aaron was a great faculty member and a great coach, but first and foremost a great husband and a great parent.”

Marston took great pride in working with the students at UMPI. One of his goals on the soccer field was to give County athletes a chance to compete at the Collegiate level.

Blackstone:” Aaron wanted to be a legacy builder. He wanted to build a legacy in education that was far reaching in each generation. He wanted to be a legacy builder for women’s soccer that you could build a great soccer team with Aroostook County athletes that could be far reaching, and they would do a wonderful job.”