Undefeated Shiretowners and Pioneers prepare for the playoffs.

Published: Oct. 21, 2022 at 10:25 AM EDT
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) - Two County soccer teams head into the post season undefeated. The Wisdom/Van Buren Pioneers and the Houlton/GHCA Shiretowners girls teams ended the season without a loss, Coaches Marina Cameron and Peter Clavette are both very pleased with their teams regular season success, but they also know there is work still to be done to claim a title and that the regular season record is now thrown out the window.

<(Marina Cameron):” Start at this point the record doesn’t matter. you go in what you go in and it is a fresh start for everybody, and anything can happen in the post season. .”

(Peter Clavette):” One of the things we are looking foward to having little bit of a break and not having a prelim game. Getting those extra reps in those extra touches and be able to build on what we have done all season.”

The Shiretowners have earned a bye into the quarterfinals and now it’s a one and done, you lose your season comes to an end. Cameron said her goal is that the shires will have a level of confidence heading into each game.

Cameron:” We scored 83 goals and gave up 4, but in the postseason anything can happen. When you are looking at the top of Class C and the undefeated teams on top who have scored over 100 goals and allowed very few. That is going to be iffy to get the end. YOu got to keep them confident and also at a level they know they have to compete every single game.”

The Pioneers are also a high scoring team they outscored their opponents 92-8 in 14 games, he also said his team will be confident in their abilities, but will also give the other team respect

Clavette:” We never look past any opponent we face no matter how difficult they seem or how easy they seem. We are always training and looking to win the next game and continue winning.”

The road to the State Championships begins this weekend with preliminary matchups and it is a long road to when the state titles are handed out in November. Both coaches are taking thee approach they had all season.

Cameron:” The most I can ask them to do is to come out and play competitive soccer for 80 minutes. If they play their soccer and play good soccer and the result doesn’t go in our favor, then that is all I can ask of them. I think if we do come out and play the best of our ability then we have a chance of going pretty far in the post season.”

Clavette:” We build up to a game. We work towards what our game plan is to compete against the team we are competing against. We show up we do our job and we leave.”