Linneus Haunted Hayride Brings Fright and Fun To The Halloween Season

Published: Oct. 24, 2022 at 6:35 PM EDT
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Linneus, Maine (WAGM) - If you love Halloween and enjoy a good scare ‚you will enjoy one of Aroostook County’s longest running. haunted hayrides . Newssource 8s Jonathon Eigenmann travelled to Linneus and has all the ghoulish details.

Shrieks and loud noises filled the woods behind the Linneus Fire Department Building Saturday Night.

Josh Murchie, Linneus Recreation Director: " Haunted Hayride Started many many years ago, this happens to be actually our 20th year. it was started by a small group of committee members here that had some kids that were really involved with the holiday and it just kinda took off from there. I’ve been doing it since 7th grade, and it’s just been a part of that community for a long time”.

The Haunted Hayride sits on a six-acre lot that loops in a big circle from the entrance to the exit, with the ride taking about 21 minutes from loading up the wagon to coming back. Each wagon roughly holds 27 to 30 people, with 500 to 600 people on average a night looking to be a part of the unearthly action. but the success or lack of success of the ride depends on the cast members.

Carrie Palmer, Original Haunted Hayride Member: " A lot of it Depends, you know we try to add something new, we’ve added two new scenes this year, but a lot of it all depends on the kids working, how the ride is. If you have kids who want to act and want to scare, it makes the ride 10 times better. if the adults are here and which there is this year, we are doubled up on adults and were probably tripled up on kids, and they want to scare”.

And while some people enjoy being scared during the ride, the actors on the other side just simply enjoy seeing any kind of reaction from the people in the wagon.

Chuck Jackman, Committee Member- Volunteer: " It’s great to see their reaction, and you know everybody doesn’t have the same reaction, some people are/just look at you and other people scream, and it’s just trying to get whatever reaction you can get out of them that makes it fun”.

To get the best scare out of people, what tactics to these cast members do to get the best reactions

Landan Potter, Cast member- Volunteer:” I try to jump at them just to see if there’s the ones that are scare-able easily and then sometimes I’ll creep up on them and ill try to act and scare them that way, just to see whose scares which way”.

Chuck Jackman, Committee Member- Volunteer: " Our scene is very large, it starts out with soldiers, and they do a little dialogue and then we have the zombies come out. and some of them are acting and like eating other zombies and then some of them are going toward the trailers”.

This haunted hayride isn’t just for local people, some travel over an hour to be frightened.

Maritza Olsen, Lincoln Resident- Rider:” So i have not been to this hayride before, I heard of it from a friend, and they said it was really great and it was scary and that’s what intrigued me about coming here tonight”.

Brittney Drinkwater, Lincoln Resident- Rider:” Not being scared (Laughter) But I’m excited to see all like the sceneries and the different scenes they have to offer.

So, I went onto the wagon and tried out this hayride for myself and to see if i could handle it. Safe to say the hayride would not disappoint, the production value and the acting quality was a Scarily Impressive thing to witness. And to know that most of what was seen as far as props, setups, makeup, were done by volunteers makes it even better.

Maritza Olsen, Lincoln Resident- Rider:” I like that like these types of events kind of brings the community together and like get volunteers and everyone is included, and they all help and do their part and you couldn’t have done that without everyone here”.

With Halloween approaching the chance to be frightened is winding down., This Group has one more weekend to scare you so much you will sleep with one eye open .

Jonathon Eigenmann, Newssource 8.