Helping Hand Telethon happening Thursday November 17th

Published: Nov. 11, 2022 at 3:41 PM EST
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) -Between inflation at the grocery store and rising heating oil prices, many are unsure how they will get through the upcoming winter. WAGM, in partnership with ACAP and the United Way of Aroostook will hold our 6th annual Heating Telethon. The telethon will raise money for an emergency fund to help people struggling to heat their homes this winter.

Sherry Locke, the Director of Advancement at the Aroostook County Action Program or ACAP says, “With the rise in prices, especially of energy costs, but other items like food and all of the goods that we buy, folks in Aroostook County are going to need support more than ever.”

And that’s why WAGM, The United Way and ACAP are coming together to raise money for an emergency fund to help keep people warm this winter.

WAGM General Manager Kelly Landeen adds, “It’s a mission of WAGM to help the community, I mean, that’s what we’re here for. And this telethon, really kind of puts a pinpoint on that. The county is known for helping it’s neighbors and that’s what we’re doing with United Way and ACAP is helping our neighbors. And as anything that you see these days, it’s saying it’s going to be a bad year and people are going to need the help.”

According to United Way of Aroostook Executive Director Sarah Duncan “We actually started getting phone calls in August for heating assistance. People are already going into the winter without their tanks being filled. And so, it’s started getting cold and people are really in a tough spot right now and we need to have those emergency dollars ready for them so that their tanks can get filled.”

And while everyone is experiencing hard times and concern ahead of the winter months, all three say no donation is too small.

“It will be important this year for people to donate even a small amount. As many donations as we get, it’s going just to help your neighbor that much more. As we know the fuel oil prices, electricity prices, even if your just doing heating with wood or pellets, all of those have gone up. So anything that people can donate this year is going to be of great help.” according to Landeen.

Locke adds, “I would just say thank you to donors for telethon days. We’ve been so blessed over the last few years to have the support. We’ve been able to get this money out to those households in Aroostook County that need it most and I think that when we help someone, they know that a friend or neighbor made that donation. Last year, we had over 500 donors come to this call for action to support this and donations look different. It could be a 25 dollar donation it could be a 5000 dollar donation, when you combine those, we’re able to take care of those in our community that need it most.”

To donate, you can visit our website at now or call us on telethon day, Thursday November 17th between 5 AM and 8 PM.