New Look Bengals Take The Court With Renewed Determination And Leadership

Published: Nov. 14, 2022 at 7:04 PM EST
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Fort Kent, Maine (WAGM) - After Struggling throughout last season , The UMFK Bengals Men’s Basketball team looks to infuse a new atmosphere with additions on both the court and the sideline.

Carly Flowers, Men’s Basketball Coach:” I’m really excited to see what they can bring and what they can do, their a fun group to coach. Lots of energy, really good attitudes, good kids, good athletes, so I’m really excited to see what we can do on Thursday. As a coach, i can always find things that we need to improve on, but I’m excited to see you know our growth throughout the season. Just really excited to get started on Thursday”

The UMFK Men’s Basketball team is coming into the 2022-23 season with new players and a refreshed mindset as they try to make a name for themselves on the court. while the team has only spent a short time together, team chemistry is already blossoming.

Jeremiah Coddon, UMFK Guard Junior: " I think as far as team chemistry goes, I think we’re really close on and off the court for just being together for this little bit of time so I think that’s one thing is gonna show, how everyone can celebrate the next person’s success so i think we have a good group with a high team chemistry”.

This year the Bengals with have a new head coach roaming the sidelines in Carly Flowers, who also works as the UMFK’s Athletic director. Flowers says that she’s excited to get back into coaching again

Carly Flowers, Men’s Basketball Coach: " I really love coaching basketball, I love coaching in general, but I love coaching basketball. So, when the opportunity kind of arose and it was what we felt was the best opportunity or best time for that. Stepped in, took over. I’m really enjoying it, I missed coaching, I’ve been out for a couple of years, I really like getting to know the guys and putting in some new things for them, and really help leading them in the right direction i think so”.

Not only are the players comfortable in her coaching style and feel she instills a lot of confidence in them, but they also feel she breathes new life into the team.

Micah Petty, UMFK Guard Junior: " I feel like she brings a new perspective to the game. She’s just excited as we are, and under her i feel like we can do a lot of great things and have a successful season.”

The Bengals have a very tough first semester schedule They have already played Division 1 University of Maine and also have Bryant College on the schedule for Monday. The players all feel that this will prepare them for their quest for a USCAA title.

Micah Petty, UMFK Guard Junior: " were looking to bring a lot of competitive energy, to see where were at as far as on a higher level and were just going to keep learning the game, compete, and get better, it will be a testament to our team and hopefully we can win the upset, that’s what we’re trying to do, we want to come out on the court every day to win”.

Jeremiah Coddon, UMFK Guard Junior: " So i just see it as another game, another opportunity; another opportunity to get better honestly so. Really I’m going to be like a sponge the whole weekend just looking at what they do, seeing what they do, seeing what i can learn from them, take from them, and also trying to compete and come out with the W”.

This Team feels it can be dangerous and a team to be reckoned with as they look to make history in bringing a USCAA National Basketball title back to Fort Kent.

Jonathon Eigenmann, Newssource sports.