UMFK National Champions In Men’s And Women’s Soccer Once Again

Published: Nov. 16, 2022 at 7:42 PM EST
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Fort Kent, Maine (WAGM) - The UMFK Men’s and Women’s Soccer Teams have brought back two USCAA National Championships to Fort Kent, For the Men’s it’s their 4th title and first since going back to back in 2015-16, for the women, it’s their 9th title and first since 2019. newssource 8s Jonathon Eigenmann was in Fort Kent and has the reactions.

Isabel Kiledjian:” It is definitely a bittersweet feeling just knowing that most of us our seniors and its our last year. But, the amazing feeling is all the hard work we put in since we were kids and finally to come out with a championship ring means the most”.

Merick Howard: " For the players you know , they are very happy to know they are leaving with the championship you know so, it is just a example of who is still here that we still have to work hard because there is a lot more work to do moving forward so its just win onward you know”.

It has been a long journey for these Bengals teams to the 2022 USCAA National Championship, The women’s team dominated defensively in the tournament and had each other’s backs along the way as they executed down the stretch.

Jermaine West: " Defense win championship you know, with my defense, they stood out you know didn’t cause any goals, each one on the team you know they play their part and the defense turned up big you know we didn’t concede any goals throughout the tournament so that was amazing”.

Tarece Lawrence: " I’ve been playing soccer for a long time and its one of the biggest moments of my life and i know that my team as well as my coaches depending on us to actually execute the plan. so just like taking deep breathes and say hey were here for one reason, actually to get the ring, play good and get the ring and make everyone proud”.

On the Mens side, it was a case of Deja-vu, facing the same team and in the same situation from last year but this year, they were more confident and able to rewrite the script.

Oniqueky Samuels: " Our players were just a little bit more confident this year around, they felt like it was our year because of the amount of work and effort that we put in so, you know the 10 guys that were selected to take the penalties, I could see it in their face, the confidence the excitement, in comparison to previous years

Marcell Holness: “ We practiced a few penalty kicks a few days before you know what i mean cause, we know the possibilities of it going to penalty was something very much possible. Really and truly we just went out there, held our heads high, and got the job done”.

While for some players the plan will be to defend their title next year, a good number of senior players know it was their last ride in a Bengals uniform, as they look back on their journey, they were grateful toward the community and close relationships they have made.

Aaron Boateng: " All I wanted to do was to pay them back in (any) way I could, all i could is to win a championship for them, so i think i was able to achieve that dream. And going into the next chapter of my life, I’m just hoping things go as plan cause I’m looking to continue my soccer journey and I’m just hoping everything goes as planned”.

Isabel Kiledjian: " Honestly family, I think that would be the biggest thing, I’ve never been on a team that I have felt more family based and love all around and i believe that each person here has the biggest heart I have ever seen and we really do have each other’s backs. And I think the biggest thing that I’m going to be taking away is just the teamwork and the camaraderie that we had was just indescribable and definitely won’t be happening in a while”.

These coaches reiterated that the soccer journey never stops, but at least for now, these players and coaches can enjoy the fact they are once again USCAA National Champions

Jonathon Eigenmann, Newssource Sports.