Fort Kent Biathletes practice on snow.

Published: Nov. 18, 2022 at 11:25 AM EST
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FORT KENT, Maine (WAGM) - The snow this week means that winter outdoor enthusiasts are ready to get outside. The Fort Kent Outdoor Center postgraduate Biathlon team traded in roller skiers for real skis as they hit the trail and continue training.

Carl Theriault:”Absolutely thrilled. I asked them how it was this morning and they said sweet. They went out this morning and skied some. We have our postgraduate program still going. We have three athletes here right now. We have our local kids as well as a couple from Madawaska and Caribou. We are usually around 10 or 12 kids who come out for biathlon practice.”

(Caleb Hunter):”It’s amazing this is one of the few places in the Country that you can be on snow this good this early in the season.”

Theriault was grooming the trails earlier today and then in the afternoon was working with two members of the post-graduate team. Caleb Hunter is the veteran member of the team and said that the training over the summer and full has been very productive and he is looking forward to transitioning to training on snow

Hunter:” It’s been really good. We have put in a lot of intensity training.”

The Fort Kent area normally gets measurable snow before other areas in the County and measurable snow in Mid-November is a huge bonus

Theriault:” This is probably the earliest we have had this much snow in many years. it is great and it looks like it will stick around. We started skiing yesterday and today is even better.”

The post-grads were not the only people ready to put on the skis. Theriault said he is expecting the Outdoor Center to be a very busy place.

Theriault:” My phone has been lit up all day long with people saying hey do you have skiing how is it going to be when can I get up there. It was just constant and this time of year everyone is anxious to get out.”