Heating Telethon Helps Family in the County

Published: Nov. 18, 2022 at 2:12 PM EST
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MADAWASKA, Maine (WAGM) - Many families have been able to use the donation dollars raised over the years. We meet one man who says receiving this money prevented a crisis situation and allowed him to better share the Christmas holiday with his family.

Joshua Curran, who received donation dollars last year after some unexpected expenses says, “It was a crisis averted, I mean, it could have been a disaster had we not gotten it. The pipes could have burst, things could have gone wrong in the house, which of course if that had happened we would have had to move out of the house and that would have been a whole other ball game.”

Curran, his wife and son David are one family of many who have benefited from the emergency funds raised by the heating telethon each year.

Curran says, “It was a relief, it was definitely a relief. It was definitely one less worry.”

Curran says this help, which he learned about through his family coach at ACAP, came right around the holidays, meaning he could afford bills and the holiday.

“Balancing Christmas gifts and paying your bills. You should be able to do both and this helped me to do both.” says Curran.

Curran adds, asking for help isn’t easy, but he encourages people to do it anyway.

“To be honest, when I first did this interview, I was at first nervous, like I even said to Judy, do I really want to go on the tv for being poor, you know at first, but as I learned more about it, we’re all in a tough time, we’re all going through struggles, especially with inflation and the price of things. It’s better to get the help you need and not be shy.” he says.

Overcoming that shyness allowed Curran to avoid crisis and continue to provide a safe and loving home for his family.